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Winter Blues

Winter Blues, otherwise known as seasonal affective disorder, is a common mood swing that occurs upon seasonal change! Symptoms: -Depression or bad mood -Unwillingness to get out of bed -Nosea -Lack of energy -Lack of concentration especially when at work … Continue reading

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Is Santa real?

When children stop believing in Santa is variable, and depends much on the way the myths of Santa Claus are presented (if they are in fact presented) in the home. Some children are told the basics of the myth, that Santa … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Christmas!

Ever heard of the Ho-Ho-Ho phobias? or that your Christmas Tree can reveal hidden parts of your personality? or even that you can have a full personality analysis through your Christmas card or cake?! Weird but True! Yes, Seriously! Listen to this…. … Continue reading

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Season Two Premiere Round up

Hi all! Our Season 2 Premiere just ended and we have a lot of interesting content to share with you. The highlights of this episode include advice from our very own Physchologist Joanna Imad on how to deal with depression … Continue reading

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