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How social media celebrated Women’s international day!

This year, International Women’s Day is being celebrated in a big way online. Today’s Google Doodle is a montage of chubby female cartoon faces of all ethnicity stitched together and IWD’s Facebook page has at least 7,203 people talking about it RIGHT … Continue reading

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Top 10 most epic love stories

Do you believe in true love? Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe in love lasting forever? I think that these love stories will renew or reinforce your faith in love… They are the most famous love stories in history and literature, … Continue reading

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أولاد السلطان سليمان

 كان للسلطان سليمان تسعة أولاد بالإجمال أول ذكر ولد من ألفت خاتون أو الست ألفت كما نعرفها في المسلسل لكنه توفي أو خلال الولادة إما فب عمر الشهرين و لذلك ابتعد عنها السلطان و اتخذ ناهد دوران سنة 1515 التي … Continue reading

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The year of the Snake

      The Snake or Serpent in Chinese Astrology is the sixth sign or animal symbol in the cycle! The snake represents Rebirth, wisdom, fluidity, wholeness, transmutations,changes and new opportunities. Creative forces are awakening with heightened intuition. Serpents can teach about shedding what … Continue reading

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الأمير مصطفى

  الأمير مصطفى ولد سنة 1515 و في الحلقات الجديدة من حريم السلطان عمر الأمير حوالي ال17 سنة . ربى السلطان إبنه مصطفى تربية تليق بسلطان و كان يحضره ليصبح سلطان العالم فمنذ عمر ال5 سنوات بدأ مصطفى بدراسة الدين … Continue reading

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Will the world End today!?

  21 December 2012 has been the subject of endless speculations all over the world. The date which marks the end of the complex calendar created by the Mayans, has attracted enthusiasts from different fields; scientists , writers, new age spiritual … Continue reading

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Is Santa real?

When children stop believing in Santa is variable, and depends much on the way the myths of Santa Claus are presented (if they are in fact presented) in the home. Some children are told the basics of the myth, that Santa … Continue reading

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