Make your own Floral Tea!

Many flowers are not only beautiful, they’re also edible. Flowers make fragrant and tasty teas but In some cases, they even have medicinal qualities. Jasmine, roses, chrysanthemums, hops, violets, hibiscus and many other blossoms can be used to make teas. Mixing flowers with herbs can result in even more varieties of delicious teas.

A glass teapot with Lotus Flower Chinese tea.

Start by Choosing the variety of flower you want to use for your tea. Clover and dandelion blossoms taste sweet, while chamomile, hops and passion flowers induce relaxation. If a flower is edible, you can use it to make tea. And always make sure that you have never sprayed pesticides on your blooms!

collage flowers

Collect flower blossoms and spread them on a tray or newspaper to completely dry. Strip off any green parts leaving the petals. When dry, store the petals in a glass jar just like you would with regular tea!

Use a single variety or mix and match several varieties of blossoms. Spoon about two tablespoons of petals into a cup. You may also spoon the petals into a tea ball or reusable tea bag.

Dip it in boiling water and allow to simmer. Add some sugar or preferably honey and enjoy!


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