Hollywood reacts to the Oscars on Twitter

The red carpet is folded, the awards have been distributed, the parties have finally ended and it’s now time to check out Hollywood’s A-List reactions to the Oscars and more precisely their reaction towards Seth MacFarlane’s performance on Twitter. So we stalked them on twitter to see what they thought about the Family Guy creator’s performance


The Family Guy creator received a mix of responses to his appearance at the Academy Awards ceremony last night. MacFarlane caused controversy with an opening song about the actresses’ breasts and a joke in which he said that assassin John Wilkes Booth remains the man who has best got inside President Abraham Lincoln’s head.

“Daniel Day Lewis better at making Lincoln jokes than Seth MacFarlane,” tweeted MSNBC contributor Ari Melber following his acceptance speech.

“While watching the Oscars, I’m starting to wish Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were there,” said Saturday Night Live alum Chris Kattan.

Steve Martin, however, had words of praise for MacFarlane. “Seth MacFarlane was wonderful and who knew? I did.”

Kevin Smith and Piers Morgan also paid compliments to the host.

I thought he was funny, relaxed, and he set a great tone,” Hugh Jackman said. “And it was great. It was really entertaining to be there.”

Meanwhile, George Clooney agreed that MacFarlane was “great”, saying: “You can never tell until you get home and see it on TV always, but in the room he just played great, I thought.”

Clooney also singled out Charlize Theron and Channing Tatum’s waltz in the opening skit for praise, saying: “I loved all the old fashioned stuff. I loved Channing and Charlize.”

“On paper, Seth MacFarlane seemed like a really good idea!” said Perez Hilton.

Who were the most discussed celebrities on twitter?


Most discussed celebrities? Jennifer Lawrence snagged the lead over Anne Hathaway and host Seth MacFarlane. According to Twitter, there were 71,600 tweets during her win, many of which were about her fall. However the winner of the night was Michelle Obama presenting the award for best picture to Argo. According to Twitter, this was the biggest moment of the night with 85,300 tweets during the best picture announcement. Finally there  was Kristin Stewart who really didn’t do much on Oscars night except for arrive on crutches and then present an award with Harry Potter while looking stoned out of her mind and completely unpleasant. Performers wise and according to Facebook and Twitter, Adele, though was the most popular on social media. There were 82,300 tweets per minute during Adele’s performance and on Facebook her performance of “Skyfall” was the top Oscar moment.

The Oscars, not so social media friendly

The ratings may be up, but social-media-wise, the Oscars still pale in comparison with the Super Bowl and even the Grammys. There were 8.9 million tweets about the 85th annual Academy Awards; 2.1 million during the red carpet, and 6.8 million during the telecast, according to a Twitter spokesperson. The Super Bowl was the subject of 24 million messages and the Grammys 14 million.


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