Children winter Entertainment

Are your Children bored during Winter and the only logical solution seems to be a trip to the mall’s play area?! Do not despair! scroll down our article for some creative ways to entertain the little ones!

Its Snowing!

Of course there’s always that seasonal snow trip that appeals to our kids every once in a while. Teach them how to ski, enjoy building a snow man with them and having snow fights and snow angels contests is always pleasurable!


Art and Crafts!

On a stormy day, children become restless when cooped up indoors. Try making some winter themed crafts with them !


Get your kids in the kitchen!

Cooking with your children is one of the most valuable quality times! For them, its a wonderful adventure! So here are some ideas

Chocolate marshmallow puffs! an easy to do and very colorful recipe! Just melt some milk chocolate, pour it onto the colored marshmallows and add some sprinkles! Et Voila!

Chocolate Cornflakes cakes! Super easy and super fun! Get some plain Cornflakes, add some melted Milk chocolate and have your children turn them into chocolate balls. A yummy treat on a cold day!


Build a Shelter with them!

we all enjoyed, as children, building shelters in our rooms out of pillows and bed covers! Engage in this fun activity with your kids and tell them a bedtime story inside this cozy fantasy world


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