How to be be a Polite Skier

Everyone knows that there’s always an impolite skier somewhere on the mountain – whether they’re cutting the lift line or cutting in front of you on the slopes, there’s going to be someone who’s just being rude and isn’t using common sense. You don’t want to be this person – not only can rude behavior get you stuck in dangerous situations, but it can get your expensive ticket or valuable season pass pulled for the day, too (yes, it could happen). Here are the top ways to be a polite, safe skier.


Don’t ski on closed trails

Ducking under the barrier that sections off closed trails doesn’t make you look cool, and it doesn’t make you seem like a daring skier who’s ready to face anything. When mountains close trails, it’s because the trails aren’t safe enough to ski on, no matter how advanced you are. Whether you’re showing off for a buddy or trying to prove something to yourself, taking on closed trails certainly isn’t worth getting hurt.


Keep your speed in control

No one likes a speed demon whizzing past them. If you want to ski fast, make sure you do it in control and use common sense to judge the situation – is a crowded beginner trail really the right place to test how well your new skis handle speed?


Don’t cut lines

A part of your day on the slopes requires patience. Waiting on the lift ticket line, the ski lift line or even the lunch line may be boring, but in the end it’s all worth it. Cutting lines should be an obvious “don’t,” so be patient and wait your turn.


Ski on trails that match your ability level

If you’re a beginner skier, don’t try and impress your friends by taking on the black diamonds when you’ve just began to comfortably manage the blues. Meanwhile, if you’re an advanced skier, don’t be afraid to enjoy the gentler terrain, but keep it in control and remember that you’re skiing with novices and beginners who may be slightly set off by quick turns.


Carry a phone with you at all times

If you’ve decided to meet someone at a certain time, do your best to maintain that agreement. However, things do happen that can prevent this – lift lines can be long or lifts can stop for a few moments, falls can happen, or trails can take longer to ski than expected. In case of a delay, carry a cell phone or a walkie-talkie so you don’t cause anyone unnecessary worry.


Helwi El Hayet

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