Winter Blues

Winter Blues, otherwise known as seasonal affective disorder, is a common mood swing that occurs upon seasonal change!



-Depression or bad mood

-Unwillingness to get out of bed


-Lack of energy

-Lack of concentration especially when at work

-Withdrawal from social activities


cure winter blues the natural way:

There are certain foods and actions that boost our happy hormones especially Serotonin and help fight off the winter wolves!

  • Eat warming foods like grains, free-range organic meats, root veggies and soups.
  •  Add warming spices like cayenne, garlic and ginger to your foods.
  •  Take a quality fish oil supplement to raise your spirits.
  •  Avoid foods that stress your body in the cold like ice-cream, too many raw foods, cold smoothies and too much sugar.
  •  Drink warm herbal teas to get your water quota. Try immune-stimulating Echinacea from your favorite organic Tea.
  •  Try a hot water bottle.  it works like a charm. You can get a hot water bottle at any drugstore. Toss it into your bed to warm up your sheets, or use it on an achy belly.
  •  Health-up your comfort foods. We all crave comfort foods in the winter – our serotonin levels our lower due to lack of sun. So the body compensates by craving carbohydrates and sugary foods to naturally boost serotonin levels. Remake your favorite comfort foods with the highest-quality ingredients, and savor them slowly after playing in the snow.


Helwi El Hayet

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