Chic in the rain!

The weather is cold, it’s raining and nothing in your closet will you keep you warm and dry! Some serious “storm shopping” must be done to keep all you fashionistas ready to take the world by storm… literally!

 The rain boots

They come in many colors, shapes and forms. But how do we pick the right pair of rain boots?


1. Always be wary of the brand size. It is absolutely essential that you get a good pair of rain boots that fit. Take note that the boot sizes vary depending on the brands.

2. Some rain boots can be hard on your feet. Select one that is comfortable!

3. Make sure that your rain boots have a good tread. This is essential to prevent slippery falls

The umbrella.


Absolutely non-negotiable—do not leave home without it! Cheap models can be found at any department stores but If you’re feeling super fancy, splurge on some designer umbrellas. Always go for the model that you can fit in your bag to always be prepared!\

The Trench coat


Trench coats are synonymous with Fall, and the latest styles available will have you considering investing in one (or another) for the chilly weather ahead. This season, look for leather details, rich colors, patent finishes, and quilted textures for an updated twist on the classic silhouette. Quick styling tip: trench coats come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you find the right fit for your body. Above-the-knee or mid thigh styles work best on petite sizes, and always make sure to try on a trench coat with an appropriate layering element, like a medium-size sweater, to ensure the right fit.

The scarf

A scarf-less neck is a very sad neck indeed, especially in the rain. So check out these 15 chic ways to tie a scarf!


The hat

There’s a hat for every style you may have. Beside being fashionable they have quite practical uses as protection from sun or cold, to hide your larger nose or forehead  as well as help on the day you rushed out of house without perfect hair or makeup. For 2012 trends are large round soft hats but you’ll still look great if you chose smaller ones.

collageThe gloves


Leather gloves were hands down (no pun intended) the biggest accessory for fall. Designers paired sophisticated bicep-length styles with unconventional companion pieces—everything from sparkling evening dresses to crisp pencil skirts.

So now you can stay warm and stylish at the same time!

What’s your favorite accessorize so far?


Helwi El Hayet

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