The Psychology of Christmas!

Ever heard of the Ho-Ho-Ho phobias? or that your Christmas Tree can reveal hidden parts of your personality? or even that you can have a full personality analysis through your Christmas card or cake?! Weird but True!


Yes, Seriously! Listen to this….

Recent psychology studies found that Christmas has a tremendous effect on our psyche, whether we are religious believers or not.

1- The psychology of decoration :

Most of us decorate our homes for Christmas, Some more than others. As proven by a recent study and survey , The possible and most likely reason for this deco rush is to subconsciously communicate a sense of friendliness and coziness to your neighbors. People who over decorate their homes might be the ones with fewer friends and trying to send an accessibility vibe to those around them.


2- What makes a Merry Christmas :

NOT Consumerism! According to the most recent studies more happiness was reported when Christmas was spent in a family and/or religious atmosphere and much less well being was noticed whenever the holidays were about spending.

3-Christmassy  Stuff are magic :

One of the most recent study conducted proved that whether you are religious or not, being around Christmas lights and colors will most certainly affect your well-being!

4- The Neuroses of Christmas! (Funny but true!)

Ho Ho Ho Phobia ! is a profound fear of rotund bearded men in red suits …AKA Santa Claus!

North Polar Disorder ! A chronic feeling that someone is on the roof… Rain-dears perhaps?!

Calendar Countdown condition ! A chronic obsession with counting down how many shopping days are left until Christmas!


5 – Christmas Trees… revealing your secrets since the dawn of time!

Have your full personality analysis done through your choice of Tree and ornaments. Here are a few examples! If you like colorful Christmas lights , this means you are a person who enjoys diversity in Life. If you chose matching ornaments for your tree this probably tells your a perfectionist. Choosing the opposite surely means your a sentimentalist! And the list goes on….



Helwi El Hayet

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