Recycled, cheap and Eco Christmas Decoration!

Christmas is that time of the year where decoration is a must and a joy in every household. In the same time the joyous season is one of the heaviest consumerist holidays, where we tend to buy so many products without being aware that we are in fact damaging our surroundings. And since Christmas is a time of love and compassion , shouldn’t we spread that spirit all around and in every aspect of our lives?! A Green , Eco Friendly decoration is at the same time cheap and gives your home an organic cozy feel throughout the holidays.So before you toss your old ornaments or strands of holiday lights away , read these simple tips and tricks !

Recycling your old and turning it into beautiful new decoration is in the same time fun, and provides an exceptional quality time for you and the entire family!

1 – Think Natural ! 

Gather some pine cones, and let’s start having some fun! Dip the small cones in white paint and sprinkle some silver glitter on them, leaving them to dry for a few hours. Tie a red ribbon and top ET VOILA! you have beautiful tree ornaments! As for the bigger cones, spray them with a Golden Color , Leave to dry and get your glue or wax gun to stick some red buttons, ribbons, chocolate wrappings, basically whatever you can find to turn your cone into a bundle of Christmas Joy!


Dried Orange slices are the latest trend this season. Here’s a super easy way to create ornaments from scrap! cut two oranges into thin slices and leave to dry for a few days until the slice is completely juice free and hardened. Add a ribbon or two as per preference and hang on your Christmas Tree!


Orange pomander also make the perfect ornament! Its fragrant and very decorative!  All you need is , small sized oranges , a wire, Some cloves, scissors, and a couple of toothpicks! Puncture your orange with the toothpick and insert your cloves one by one. Add a wire and a bow! See instructions through pictures below!


And since these oranges give an exquisite scent in your house why don’t you make some more and instead of hanging them on the tree, just throw them into a bowl with some pot pourri and few ornaments and use them as  Table decoration in your living room, dining room and even bedrooms!


Scented Candles were always very popular during the holiday season, yet sometimes these ready made goodies can contain toxins and fumes that are potentially harmful to your health and to the environment! So lets have fun making our own!

We have all heard, of cinnamon candles and most of us already have a few sprinkled around the house, But did you know how easy it is to make them! All you need is candles, Cinnamon, Some raffia and Glue!

CINNAMON CANDLES DURINGPress_Cinnamon_Candles_0370117v2 zoom

Don’t throw away your old Light Bulbs! Light bulbs are hard to recycle especially in Lebanon where we do not have a proper recycling system, yet we can save some money by reusing them. We just have to unleash our creative mind, buy some paint and glue and turn the toad into prince charming!

ctreea Recycled-LightOrn-Xmas07-lg

Keep old and rusty Tree hangings! As weird as it may sound, these old  broken and rusty hangings are treasures in disguise! All u need is unwanted cloth, old newspapers , glue and even old gift wrappings and you are good to go.

dscn4475 Kissing-Ball-ornament newspaper-ornaments recycled fabric xmas hanging ornament

The Key Element in all this is “Creativity”. Allow the little artist in you to emerge and play with those little trashy treasure around your home! What a better way to celebrate Christmas!



Helwi El Hayet

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