Feng Shui your home office!

On today’s episode of Helwi El Hayet, Feng shui consultant Lara Klait gave us advice and tips on how to Feng Shui our home office!

1- An important office feng shui guideline is to have your home office as far from your bedroom as possible.

2- If the layout of your house allows, having a separate entry to your home office is ideal. If this is not feasible, be sure to create as much division as possible between your office area and your bedroom

3- Plan your home office with your success, well-being and productivity in mind.

4- Think of specific images, feng shui colors, meaningful career memorabilia and appropriate decor items that make you feel successful, appreciated, and happy. Since you are working from home, feel free to fully express your creativity in decorating your office. Depending on your chosen field, you need to make sure your home office reflects the energy you want to project into the world.

5-Be mindful of the quality of air and the quality of light (natural and artificial) in your home office, as these are two of the good feng shui must-haves.

6-Position your desk in the so-called feng shui commanding position to attract stronger and more successful energies to your work area.

7- A feng shui commanding position means you do not have your back to the door; your desk is positioned further from the door and not in line with it. Be also mindful of not facing a wall while working at your desk. If you have to face the wall, use feng shui to make the wall “disappear” with smart use of art.

8- Use feng shui to clutter clear and organize your home office. Schedule as many clutter clearing sessions as needed until there are no hidden (or obvious!) cluttered spots in your office.

9- As clutter drains your energy and dampens your best intentions, you need to create a clear system, and not let clutter ruin your health and your business. Mark a feng shui clutter clearing day on your calendar and you will be surprised how much better, more enthusiastic and energetic you feel the next day. That is, provided that you have actually dealt with the clutter, rather than just contemplated it!


Helwi El Hayet

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