Go Green … Support Reforestation!

Reforestation is the restocking or planting of already existent Forests that have been naturally or intentionally depleted!

Why is Reforestation so important?!

Reforestation activities promote the sequestration of CO2 from the atmosphere, thereby decreasing the concentration of this gas and thus play an important role against greenhouse effect which is basically a phenomenon promoting the trapping of excess heat by the rising concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere! Carbon dioxide highly absorbs infrared and does not allow it to spread back into open space and this plays a major part in the epidemic of Global Warming!

Why are Trees so important?!

Trees play a major role in cleaning the air we breathe, fighting against climate change, the increase of water resources as well as the reduction of water contamination!

Trees are considered a vital asset of our habitat since their shade reduces our consumption of air conditioners, fresheners and more, they also reduce the temperature of the ground we walk and park on, They offer us a sustainable source of wood , visual barriers and reduce all aspects of pollution! Therefore the existence of trees is crucial to our survival and the survival of most species on Earth!

Lebanon had its share of deforestation, and today only less than 13 % of the forests remain! Therefore Lebanon Reforestation initiative was born !

Both Joyce Bejjani and Maya Nehme from The “LRI” were our guests on Helwi el Hayet today and we encourage you all to Hop on Board the Eco-Train!


Helwi El Hayet

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