“I lost my home but not my faith”

This episode of Helwi El Hayet was dedicated to the victims of the Sassine explosion and to the people and organizations who helped the injured.

(REUTERS/Sharif Karim)

Director of the Mount Lebanon department of the Lebanese Red Cross and member of the disaster emergency committee Alexi Nehme informed us that 4 dead and 100 injured is the official number of the Lebanese Red Cross concerning the victims of the Sassine explosion. “It took us 3 minutes to get to the site of the blast and we established a security zone to help the injured and transport them to the near-by hospitals”.

We also hosted director of the training department of the Lebanese civil defense Nabil Salhani who shed the light on the efforts of the Lebanese civil defense as well as the efforts that were put during the Sassine explosion. “Our officers have been trained in France to work efficiently in disasters whether it’s explosions, fires or wars”, he revealed. “We cover more than 40,000 thousand rescue mission a year and we work in cooperation with the Lebanese Red cross to help as much people as possible”, he concluded.

We were honored to host Nisrine Chedid, mother of 10 year old Jennifer Chedid who was injured during the Sassine blast is on our show talking about the horrible moments that started from the explosion until she found her daughter at the hospital. “I could only pray and have faith that my daughter Jennifer was fine and rescued, I had no idea that the explosion was so close to our home”, she said. “”Enough is enough, the Lebanese people cannot handle this situation anymore, and we want to raise our children in peace. We don’t have a home anymore, my daughter will need medical care and we don’t know what to do. I decided to come on Helwi El Hayet to make the people responsible of the Sassine blasts see the repercussions of their acts”, she concluded.

Expert in child protection Roula Leboss gave us some advice on how to help prevent deep psychological scars to the children who witnessed such traumatic events. “The media coverage of the disasters is affecting the children who do not understand what is going on. Children in Ashrafieh are in a constant state of stress and panic, suffer from PTSD and sometimes block the event and refuse to speak”. She urged the teachers to be more present and listen to all the questions of the children concerning the recent events.

We pray for the victims of the Sassine explosion, we pray for Lebanon, for peace and we hope we will unite as a country to help the needed.


Helwi El Hayet


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