Body Language for Job interviews


Is your body betraying you?

Body language is a form of physical and mental communication through gestures, postures, eye movement and facial expressions! We send and interpret these gestures almost entirely through our subconscious mind, it is therefore crucial to become mindful about the language our body speaks if we want to give the right impression!

While heading to a job interview or meeting the future boss for the first time, it is nothing less than normal to feel a bit anxious or even stressed which makes our body project a certain language that can be easily be detected by a recruiting expert according to  what Body Language expert “Habib Khoury” explained on the Show today.

So here are some tips to help you have your boss at Hello!

The Do’s:

Fix your dress, tie, and pants before walking into the room

Shake hands firmly while making eye contact

Try to pick a seat where the interviewer is on your right

Sit up straight (without looking rigid)

Keep an interested expression by slightly nodding and smiling

If you are interviewed by more than one person make sure you address all people with your look

Make sure your goodbye handshake is as confident as it was going in.


The Don’ts:

Do not rub the back of your head or your neck! It makes you look disinterested!

Do not touch your nose! It makes you look dishonest!

Do not lean your body towards the door! It makes you look ready to leave!

Do not shake your leg, hand, fingers..! It makes you look nervous!

Do not cross your legs and hands! it increases the distance between you and your interviewer!

Job interviews can be tough, but with the right body language and knowledge of the self you can easily ace it!


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