The Wheel of Life

The “Wheel of life” is an ancient powerful tool used by most life coaches today to help people find balance between the different aspects of their Lives. The Wheel is thought to have been created by “Buddha” himself and was called “bhavacakra”. Its aim is to help us take a broader, deeper look into ourselves thus make us consider each area of life in turn and assess what’s off balance.


The  most common “Wheel of Life” Categories:

  • Money
  • Family/Friends
  • Partner/Significant-Other/Romance
  • Career
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Fun
  • Personal Growth

The categories may also include “spirituality, dreams , education etc…” This can vary from one person to another according to their priorities and interests.

Well Being consultant “Nancy Abdo” ‘s main focus on the show today was family and career. Both of these areas are major parts of our day to day life, therefore balancing those two aspects can contribute greatly to our well being!


Home and Family Life:

Our families constitute a major part of our identities. With the overall goal of securing a happy and fulfilling family life, part of our time and effort should be invested in nurturing family relationships! Whatever your goals may be, investing in the lives of your family will produce immeasurable returns.


Career :

Always ask yourself “Do i love my work? do i enjoy the environment i work in? is there any growth opportunity for me here?”. These questions will help you determine whether you are in the right place and/or doing the right thing for you!


Helwi El Hayet

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