Helwi El Hayet’s episode 38

Hi all,


First we managed to take a picture of our beautiful hosts, Affaf Dammaa and Carla Haddad.

Our main guest today was Wadad Mereebi, wife of MP Talal El-Meraabi who shared with us her beauty secrets; drink lots of water, follow a healthy diet, exercise and sleep. She also told us that every weekend the family goes up to the North, more specifically to Akkar, to listen and help the citizens.

We also hosted graphic designers  Maya Moumne and husband Hatem Imam who talked about their venture into the furniture world. It happened when they moved into their Beirut apartment last year, they had trouble finding affordable and stylish furniture. Unwilling to shell out for expensive, traditional furniture that didn’t fit their lifestyles, they put their design knowledge to use and began buying vintage furniture and refurbishing it..

Every two weeks or so the couple scour souks across the country to find original, well-kept pieces that they can refurbish. They then choose suitable fabrics, all sourced from Lebanon, to refurbish the furniture and outsourcing the labor to a local craftsman.

Body Language expert revealed the signs that a woman shows when she is in love with a man. Check them out below:

  1. Puts her hair behinds her ear
  2. Dilatation of the pupils
  3. Bites her lips
  4. Sweaty palms

Our next guests were Lynn Aghabi from LAU university and Yara Najem from AUB university who talked about the Ripples of Happiness (ROH) program which is a training program aiming to inspire university students to identify and implement projects that will have a positive impact on their communities while providing them with the right guidance and resources. The program involves a selection of 20 students in every university that will be part of the Ripples of Happiness class, taking place over the course of 6 consecutive weeks, with one day each week holding a 1-2 hour session of ROH.

LAU Project:

Women empowerment: Since the role of women in our society is weak, especially in poor areas and in light of how needy widows do not have someone to help them. So there will be a creation of groups of civil society working in the field of women’s support and communication with donors from the private sector and donor institutions to work on securing the financial resources and programs. This will be done by training them in skills they need to enable them to create their own businesses and create a place for them to show their products which plays a role in promoting their ability in social, economic and women’s associations.

AUB Project:

M♥mmy MaDe: Is a project that targeting primarily MOTHERS. It is a manufacturing project that provides socially responsible production efforts yielding healthy and artistic products for everyone, especially catering events, workshops and camps for youth clubs, groups and NGOs. Mommy Made recruits, trains and employs mothers suffering from financial or physical challenges to transform them into self sufficient persons and have better lives for their families.

We also met with our Yoga instructor Doris El-Hajj who gave us advice on how to keep our skin healthy and met with the CEO of Samir Kassir foundation Ayman Mehanna to talk about the Beirut Spring festival.

Our last guests were Operation Manager Nader Majzoub  and beauty expert Afife Younes who explained all about the new  cryolipo machine for hair removal.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode.

See you back on Monday and have a great weekend


Helwi El Hayet

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