Helwi El Hayet’s episode 25

Hi all,

We would like to start this post by wishing a happy birthday to our beautiful host Carla Younes and post this picture of the birthday girl with fellow host Afaf Damaa.

Our first guest Jawad Al-Assadi talked about the play “Women in Threatened Societies” playing at the Babel theatre that will take place from the 10th till the 26th of May.

Below is the full program of the upcoming shows and programs scheduled.

Thursday May 10th  

– Opening Reception 6.30pm

– GALLERY Photo Exhibit, 6.30pm Ghada Khunji BAHRAIN / NY

– THEATRE 8.30pm Zahira Ben Ammar “Sindyana” Tunisia.

Friday May 11

– THEATRE  8.30pm Zahira Ben Ammar “Sindyana” Tunisia.

Saturday May 12 

– THEATRE  8.30pm Zahira Ben Ammar “Sindyana” Tunisia.

Sunday May 13

– WORKSHOP 3-6 pm Zahira Ben Ammar “ The Actor making”

Monday May 14

– WORKSHOP 3-6 pm Zahira Ben Ammar “The Actor making”

Tuesday and Wednesday May15  and 16 

– Musical Concert, 8.30 and CD launching Maryam Saleh, Egypt.

Thursday May 17        

– THEATRE 8.30pm “AL KHADIMATAN”  “RENCONTRE” With Rene Deek, Lebanon.

Friday May 18

– THEATRE 8.30pm “AL KHADIMATAN” “RENCONTRE” With Rene Deek, Lebanon.

Saturday May 19

– THEATRE 8.30pm “AL KHADIMATAN” “RENCONTRE” With Rene Deek, Lebanon.

Sunday May 20 

– WORKShop Dance, 3-6pm Hoor Malas, Syria.

– THEATRE Dance, 8.30pm Hoor Malas.

Monday May 21

– WORKShop Dance, 3-6pm Hoor Malas, Syria.

– THEATRE Dance, 8.30 pm Hoor Malas.

Tuesday May  22

– Film screening “Woonds of the Heart” 7pm by John Halaka, Palestine/USA.

Wednesday May 23 

– Concert, 8.30 by Badia Hassan Syria.

Thursday May 24

– Concert, 8.30 by Badia Hassan Syria.

Friday and Saturday  May 25, 26

– THEATRE 8.30 Zeina Daccache, “Sheherazad in Baabda”

You can contact the theater via Email: babeltheatre@yahoo.com or by phone: 01 744 033

Vice-president of Animals Lebanon Maggie Chaarawi shed the light on the topic of animal abuse and talked about their petition to make it illegal. Check out this link to know more about it.   www.animalslebanon.org/law/petition

If you are an animal lover we gathered all the information concerning the association.

Animals Lebanon is a Lebanese registered charity, founded on September 9 2008. They are a group of five people who joined efforts to make a change and pushed by their love and compassion to animals. They believe that true compassion is limitless. Animals Lebanon works to protect animals through legislation, education, campaigns and rescue.
Animals Lebanon believes that the treatment of animals is a reflection of how people treat themselves and each other. They believe that the welfare of all animals matters, and are committed to bringing about a time when these beliefs are embraced by society and Lebanon is recognized as a leader in animal welfare.

Some of their work:

• Closed down three of the most dilapidated and abusive zoos, rehoming over one hundred animals to sanctuaries around the world.

• Exposed circus cruelty leading to the closing of a circus.

• Established an adoption center for rescued companion animals, enabling people to rehome hundreds of cats and dogs every year.

• Investigated the smuggling of endangered animals into and through Lebanon and campaigning to ensure Lebanon joins the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

• Drafted comprehensive national animal protection and welfare legislation and worked with the World Animal Health Organization and the Government of Lebanon to ensure this legislation is enacted.

• Continue to inspire thousands of people each year to make changes in their lives that improve the welfare of animals.

We also met with singers Zeid Hamdane and Kanjha Kora. The two musicians shared stories on how they met and decided to collaborate. Below is a video of one of their most successful collaboration.

Our nutrition expert Christelle Bedrossian talked about technology, nutrition, the body composition analysis test, the food intolerance test and breating test/indirect calorimeter. You can find all the info in these pictures below.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode.

See you back tomorrow!


Helwi El Hayet

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