Helwi El Hayet’s episode 22

Hi all,

Our main guest was promotion and PR in Skydive Jordan, Aicha Labban. Skydiving has become an increasingly attractive activity for younger and elder people.  She introduced us to this rising activity or sport of skydiving. She discussed the opportunity that Skydive Jordan and the Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan in collaboration with Skydive Dubai is offering this summer in Wadi Rum-Jordan, between the 8 th and the 30 th of June, to all seekers of adventure and rush for an unforgettable skydiving experience. “The price is very reasonable”, says Aicha. Your dream of flying will come true.

Rising talent Sae Lis, best known as the girl with the red-afro hair, joined us and talked about the launch of her new album and video clip. Sae developed her love for soul music during her early teens in France. She meets Ziad Rahbani in 2009, during a visit to Beirut, and tours with him, singing jazz standards. As soon as she got back to Beirut, she engaged herself into the local music scene, performed with her own band in many prestigious places and at the same time writing her own music.  The result is “THE QUEST”, her first original soulful pop album. Visit her website for more info http://www.saelis.com

President of the Lebanese Red Cross, Sami El Dahdaah talked about the new red cross campaign, “Ma Fik Tkoun Menna Koun Ma’ana”. To donate, click on this link http://www.redcross.org.lb/Donate.aspx?pageid=248&PID=158

During our weekly image consultancy segment, image and fashion consultant Maya el-Tal gave our young audience prom dress ideas and tips and advice on how to choose the perfect dress. If you want to interact with Maya el-Tal and ask her questions, visit her Facebook page.

Marketing manager of Dano Slim, Serge Kandalaft reminded us of the minimum recommended daily level of calcium which is 1,000 mg. Dano Slim offers 2,000 mg / 100g, meaning the double. This level is one of the highest in the market, so consumers can have a guilt-free conscience while drinking Dano Slim and should not worry at all about the calcium level. Serge also launched a new Dano Slim competition, so all you readers answer this question for a chance to win. What is the level of Vitamin D provided by Dano Slim?
Incomplete answers will not be considered, so be sure to include ALL the details: name, occupation, milk brand used at home, address and phone number. Send your answers to danoslimlebanon@gmail.com or by sms to 71 145 175. Good luck to all of you!

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode.

See you back tomorrow!


Helwi El Hayet

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