Helwi El Hayet’s episode 9

Hi all,

While waiting for today’s episode to begin we spotted our two main guests Farid and Rami Chehade, also known as The Chehade Borthers. We took a picture to share it with you all.

Our episode today was full of interesting guests and reports. Hosts Carla Haddad and Carla Younes introduced us to the Palastenian musicians and singers Farid Chehade and Rami Chehade. They are known as the masters of the oriental musical and poetical art forms such as “zajal“, “ghazal”, and “taqsim”. They performed live in front of us. Check the picture below!

Host Afaf Dammaa then introduced us to Tania Abi Nohra and Olga Haddad who talked about the spectacle “Les hommes viennents de Mars, les Femmes de Venus” taking place on the 4th and 5th of May at Palais Des Congres, Dbayeh. One thing is certain, men and women live on two different planets. Haven’t we all experienced incomprehensible behavior of the other sex? This is why Paul Dewandre comes in with this stage adaptation of John Gray’s best-seller “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. The show has been performed in many countries such as Belgium, France, switzerland, Canada, Germany and many more. This event is organized by Otapro sarl, the company that publishes the educational magazine “Allo Parents”, AUMBC, HDF and USJ Health Center. The purpose of this spectacle is to present the French-speaking Lebanese public with an enlightening comedy show.

During our first break, we couldn’t help but take a picture of our two beautiful hosts Carla Haddad and Carla Younes and share it with you.

General manager of E-Square and Careers, Tania Eid introduced us to Forward and Business Forum 2012 taking place on the 26th of April. “Forward” holds the slogan “Your Chance To grow” surpassing all the political and security situation barriers.

During our second break, our host Afaf Dammaa was preparing for her talk with Fadia Abdoush from Dar al-Farasha. Check out the picture below!

Asrar alnas allatheen la yamradoun abadan” was the book that Fadia Abdouch chose to talk about. This book is written by Gene Stone. 25 person and 25 secrets for everlasting health. The secret of the person who lived for 256 years. The mystery of chicken soup. Do we have to starve in order not to get sick? Learn the secrets and join the group of people who never get sick by reading this book.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode and see you back on Monday!


Helwi el Hayet

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