Valentine’s Special …

Hi all,

Yesterday’s special episode of Helwi Beirut was full of surprises to our hosts and our viewers.

We featured a special segment with florist Monica Barrage who in turn explained about the messages behind the number of roses or the color of rose you receive.

190 million roses are sold on Valentine’s day in the Americas and 1.2 billion roses are sold worldwide around the year. Wow that’s a big number!

Roses are that important because they convey a message.  Make sure you know the meaning behind each and every rose and what the number of roses represent. We wouldn’t want you to send that wrong message!

  • One red rose – a symbol of love
  • One rose of a different color than red – thank you
  • Two red roses – mutual love
  • Dozen red roses – signals a marriage proposal
  • 15 red roses – I am sorry
  • 24 red roses – can’t stop thinking about you, 24 hours a day
  • 99 red roses – I will love you as long as I live
  • 365 red roses – I love you all year round
  • 999 red roses – my love for you is everlasting and eternal
  • White rose – purity and loneliness
  • Lavender rose – love at first sight
  • Pink rose – grace and gentility
  • Yellow rose – friendship or jealousy

How many roses did you get yesterday? Now you can understand the symbolic meaning behind it.


Helwi Beirut




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