Helwi Beirut’s episode 44!

Hi all,

Our main guest was socialite Mrs. Aida Frangieh and then we met with Pilates instructor Ritzy el-Hajj who gaves us some workout techniques to be fit.

In our green segment we met with one of the SEPT (Save Energy Plant Trees) Association founders Pierre el-Haddad. He talked about their events for 2012 as well as their collaboration with the association CHANCE.

We also met with twenty-two-year-old designer Dana Mortada. Her label, D-signe, which stands for “signed by Dana,” already features a collection of beautiful cocktail and evening dresses. To market her line, Mortada created her own website as well as advertising her collection of Facebook to Lebanese fashionistas. “I have always liked fashion. I liked to sketch dresses and I took drawing courses for eight months.  Then, together with a friend, we started making and selling tops. But my imagination is better with haute couture, so I started this business a year ago,” she told us. She said her secret lies in her sketches that are detailed and provide the color and texture of the dress. This makes each creation unique. “Every dress can be customized according to the client’s taste. She may like the concept, but prefers to shorten it,” explained Mortada. A dress takes a minimum of two weeks to be delivered, depending on how intricate the design is. The designer said she works with Italian fabric, and a dress could cost over $600. But she also said that she can alter a dress’ design and choose a different fabric to better suit a client’s budget if necessary.

Our next guest was actress and singer Yvonne el-Hachem who draws her way in life with much enthusiasm. Her diversified university education, (Theater at the Lebanese University, Advertising and Marketing at NDU, and Modern Singing at the Lebanese Conservatory) has led her to become a very varied and rich person. Her exquisite passion though, has always been the stage. Ever since she was a child, she sang on stage and participated in many plays. And now, as a professional, her concerts have always a special scenic touch that reflects her theater background and distinguished charisma on stage. Also known for the various languages she sings in, among which are Algerian, French, English, Arabic, Italian, etc… Yvonne is starting to prove herself as a differentiated rising artist. Her latest was a participation in the National Music Festival, down town Beirut, with the invitation of the French Cultural Center, and she is currently in the process of preparing her own CD.

Our final guest were Matias Nordahl Carlsen and Jørgen Evil Ekvoll from the web series Walk of causes that stars two norvegian guys walking across Lebanon from village to village. They started in the north and worked their way southwards. Each day of this three week journey they walked for a new cause, and they invited the people they met on their way, as well as the followers of their blog, to come with suggestions of what to walk for.  Now, about a year and a half after they finished walking, 14 episodes of five minutes have been prepared for publication on the web.

Hope you enjoyed the show 🙂

See you tomorrow!


Helwi Beirut

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