Helwi Beirut’s episode 30!

Hi all,

Our main guests were musicians Elie Khoury, Khaled Yassine and Tarek Yamani who talked about the Edict Records February Concert Series that will proudly host three of the most talented artists on the Arab Scene, in contemporary jazz and contemporary oriental music. Khoury / Yassine duo on the 2nd of February will play original compositions from the upcoming album, on Edict Records. Elie Khoury on Oud and Buzuk, with Khaled Yassine on Percussions, will both explore the possibilities of oriental instrumental music. Tarek Yamani Trio on the 3rd of February, will be performing a selection of standards from the jazz international repertoire, along with his compositions featured in his debut album as bandleader “Ashur” – soon to be released on Edict Records –Tarek will be accompanied by Kristijan Krajncan on drums and Goran Krmac on tuba. Basel Rajoub Quartet, on the 4th of February, will gather three of the most demanded musicians on the Arabic music scene; Khaled Yassine on percussions, Feras Shahrestane on Qanun and Elie Afif on Double Bass, for a rare adventure into contemporary oriental music. Edict Records February Concert Series is the launching in Beirut of the above three projects, that will soon be released on albums in Lebanon and other countries. Edict Records, an independent label, aims through its work to diffuse all genres of music based on improvisation, from jazz to contemporary oriental music, combining the intensity of tradition with the fresh sonorities of the modern world. Edict Records February Concert Series is organized by Blue Lyme, a music management and event organizing company newly established by a long experienced team.

Our next guest was journalist and photographer Zahraa Mortada who talked about her new exhibition that is mainly inspired by the “Nakba” that took place in the Lebanese and Israelian frontier.

We also met with psychologist Charbel Zogheib who talked to us about the living conditions in the Roumieh prison and what is causing the delay in the trials.

Our next guest was actress Bernadette Hodeib who discussed her play “Banafssaj” that is held at the Monot Theater from the 2nd till the 5th of February after showing in France.

We also met with director and screenwriter Nadia Tabbara who worked in New York for five years and on several Hollywood movies. She talked to us about her new company called Fade In which provided workshops in screenwriting and filmmaking.

We also met with Managing Director of Time Out Beirut Naomi Sargeant who talked about the sex survey that Time Out Beirut recently conducted on 483 men and women living in Lebanon and the results may be somewhat surprising to our viewers. According to the survey, 10% of participants in Lebanon rely on the “pullout method”. The survey also found that the average number of sexual partners is 15 and that nearly a quarter of respondents have paid for sex.

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Helwi Beirut

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