Helwi Beirut’s episode 23!

Hi all!

Our first guest was visual artist and artistic director Michel Karsouny. He is a graphic designer and illustrator by trade, his dream was always to become an artist and painter. After graduating from AUB with a BFA in graphic design and a minor in fine arts, he audited painting courses in the Lebanese Fine Arts University in Furn el Chubbak for a year which gave him a good base in technique. He had been painting actively on the side for the past 5 years, ever since he started freelancing then opened his design company The Konstrukt in 2008 but the epiphany finally struck in 2010 after he started an intense blog which made him realize that all was possible if one sets his mind to whatever he truly desires; his calling was actually painting. This pushed him to put his employees in freelance mode and dedicate up to half of his time to painting and being more selective with design projects

We also met with Lama Ghbeily from the Beirut Cosmopolitan Rotaract Club talked about their fundraising piano concert at AUB called Concert for two pianos from Chopin to contemporary Arabic music with pianists Zina Asfour, Mohamad Othman Siddi and percussionist Mohammad Taha.

Our next guests were Cedric Kayem and Antoine Balabane, they talked about their movie Cash-flow. Day two Pictures brings a stars studded cast in a riveting plot that is entertaining, thrilling, educational and worthy of watching. A young man’s impulsive yet heroic action lands him the opportunity of his life. Cash comes his way. The ball starts rolling and with him we live laughter, excitement, thrills, places, faces and above all romance. Cash-flow a movie that will make you laugh with clever lines and makes you think of how to help the hero live through the chase. The novel script is designed for uniqueness as well as entertainment, targeting all ages. The versatile cast of faces you love and have enjoyed seeing them in movies and series. Carlos Azar, Nadine Njeim, Tony Abou Jaoude, Hisham Haddad, Antoine Balaban, Hiam Abou Chedid, Claude Khalil, Chady Maroun, Ghassan Estephan, Pierre Chamoun, Teta Latife, Joelle Dagher and Robert Franjieh- each brings his character to life with unprecedented acting. This purely Lebanese production will make us proud of our movie making experience as Day two Pictures have invested the best of breed in technology, cast, and story to bring a film worthy of international standards. Written and directed by Sami Koujan, Executive Production by Ronald Ajoury. Coming to theatres near you January 26th 2012, be sure not to miss his master piece. Check out the trailer on http://www.cashflowmovie.com and on facebook http://www.facebook.com/cashflowmovie and share your reviews.

We were also introduced to Nancy Hobeika’s new book about diet healthy food which regroups more than 200 recipes including appetizers, salads, eastern cooking, western cooking and desserts.

Our final guest was Noha Balaa Sinno talking about her art gallery “Reshaping Letters”on Thursday January 26, 2012 starting 6pm at Art Circle Gallery in Antoine Gemayel street, Assaf bldg, Hamra, Beirut. Born in Lebanon, Noha starts off her career with a degree in interior design from the Lebanese University. In 1984, she is forced to leave her homeland due to the Lebanese civil war. Living abroad gives her ample opportunity for free expression and makes her an avid researcher for any visual link that connects her with her cultural heritage. She is taken with the notion of Arabic language as art and starts her calligraphic compositions as a reflection of Arabic culture. This exhibition at Art Circle, is her first solo show in Beirut, and is a tribute to her native language. “Reshaping Letters” is a body of work based on Arabic calligraphy and emanates from her feelings, which are conveyed using solely Arabic letters. Her rich constructions of intricate lines and colors coalescing into abstract rendition of Arabic words speak of her memories. Her work is flexible and is an example of how an artist can re-interpret his masters. Her Arabic and Islamic patterns create an imaginative landscape by which color and patterns collide. She currently resides in Los Angeles where she continuously participates in group shows and community events. She has exhibited in Lebanon, the United States and Bahrain.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode.


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