Fashion,nutrition and education on Helwi Beirut’s episode 9

Hi all,

Our main guest today is Astrid Honein, the wife of former MP Salah Honein who talked to us about her younguer years in Colombia and followed her studies in France. She met her husband in Paris but came back to get married in Lebanon. She talked to us about her children , Edouard and Ignes, who are currently studying at Jamhour,their father’s school.

We also met with nutritionist Yara Bitar Maalouf who talked about child obesity. She asked the parents to ask themselves these questions in order to protect their children.

–          What are the eating habits of our children?

–          What to do to enhance their diet?

–          What are the steps to follow to find a cure?

–          Are we keeping our children active?

Our next guest was pharmacist and CD collector Ramzi Marjan who has gathered since the 1970 7000 vinyl disks and 1200 CD.  He listens to all kinds of music Rock, pop and Jazz. He is against all kind of music pirating that he considers ruins the sound of music. He hopes one day to create a museum of all his collection to share it with the world because in these days most people download their songs and stopped buying CDs.

We also met with LAU teacher Michelle Majdalani and the coordinator of the education program in Tripoli Maya Baghdadi who talked about the LAU’s Continuing Education Program (CEP) and the Safadi Foundation signed a partnership agreement to provide better opportunities for education in Tripoli.

The success of this joint venture is important for society as a whole and especially the residents of Tripoli, because these kinds of programs aim to achieve sustainable development in local communities. The goal of the project is to contribute to the growth of the Tripoli community by providing learning opportunities, as well as performance and career development.

We met with lebanese designer Julien Abboud in our fashion segment who introduced his new collection called Feline Amazone.

From medieval structured silhouettes to organic safari prints and exquisitely embroidered fabrics, Julien seems to be a very experimental designer, focused on his approach and successfully creating distinctive pieces that all together form a cohesive line.

He also shared with us the newest details concerning his exclusive Haifa barbie.

Our next guest is the owner of Cindy Glass Laya Rahman who lauched her fist shoe collection in summer 2005. Cindy Glass was inmspired bu thecinderellas fairy pump.

The products are uniquely designed and meticulously made by experienced craftsmen in Beirut.  Cindy Glass produces in small quantities to cater to exclusive clients and shops. Laya Rahman will start an accessories collection in the summer.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode.


Helwi Beirut

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