Fashion, comedy and much more on Helwi Beirut’s episode 81!

Hi all!

Our main guest today was a part of the LBCI team! Charbel Khalil, writer and director of “Bas Mat Watan” and “Doumacratiyyeh” was our guest. He told us about his preperations for the holiday season, his future projects and much more.

Check out below this Bas Mat Watan promo for the festive season!

Nemr Abou Nassar was a part of our show! He talked about his show and upcoming event at DRM (Democratic Republic of Music). Rabih Salloum from Slutterhouse then joined and talked about the launch of Slutterhouse’s new album.

Chef Ramzi did not leave us during this festive season. Check out the delicious Yule Log also known as Buche de Noel recipe he gave us.

We promise it’s delicious!!


عجينة الرولو                       1 صينية مستطيلة (50 x 50)

كريم الزبدة                         5 أكواب

رقائق الشوكولا                              1 رقاقة

سكر بودرة                         1 كوب

لوز مجروش جرشًا ناعمًا        2 كوب

سيرو                                1 كوب


مقادير عجينة الرولو:

بيض                       4

سكر ناعم                           1/2 كوب

نشاء الذرة                 4/1 كوب

طحين                      1/2 كوب


مقادير كريما الزبدة:

زبدة طرية                2 كوب

سكر ناعم                 1 كوب وربع

بيض                       1 بيضة

صفار البيض             3 بيضات

ماء                         1/2 كوب


مقادير السيرو:

ماء                         3 أكواب

سكر ناعم                 1/2 1 كوب

بشارة حامض             1 ملعقة كبيرة

بشارة برتقال              1 ملعقة كبيرة

عصير حامض           1/4 كوب

عصير برتقال            1/4 كوب

كبش قرنفل               2 كبش

عيدان قرفة                1/2 حبة

Fashion designer Maher Bsaibes was  a part of our show today! He graduated from Esmod in 2008 and was granted the first fashion design award. In 2010, he joined Esmod’s network and is currently teaching in Beirut. He was selected by the Starch Foundation to showcase his first collection in 2011. Check out some items of his collection below!

Hope you enjoyed our show today!


Helwi Beirut

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