Cinemoz, Walk of Causes, Chantilly chocolate and much more on Helwi Beirut’s episode 78!

Hi all,

Our main guests today are the founder of Cinemoz Karim Safieddine  and the technological manager of Cinemoz Maroun Najm. They talked about the new steps they took to launch their website that broadcasts TV series, short movies, movies and documentaries for free. They taught during the show how to use their website. The launch of this website took place during the Dubai Film Festival two weeks ago.

We hosted in our book segment writer Elias Khlat who wrote the book “C’etait il y a 20 ans: Beyrouth-le centre…Aujourd’hui”. M. Khlat took pictures of Beirut for more than 2o years than he lost the pictures but somehow a couple of years later the pictures showed up. It took him a while to adjust them, scan the pictures and put them in this book.

Our next guests were Matias Nordahl Carlsen, Jørgen Evil Ekvoll  and Inaam Attar from the Walk of Causes organisation. It is a web series in 14 episodes where 2 norwegian guys walk across Lebanon, from village to village. They started in the North and worked their way southwards. The two guys met in Norway and while this friendship was still at its infant stage, the idea of walking across Lebanon was born. Less than a week later they found themselves in the North of Lebanon with the ambitious goal of crossing the whole country on foot. With no tent, and no proper map, they set off to see where it would take them. Each day of this three week journey they walked for a new cause, and they invited the people they met on their way, as well as the followers of their blog, to come with suggestions of what to walk for.

We also met with who talked director Wajdi Elian about his movie who won in the Dubai film festival. The film is about Ziad is a solitary character living a surgically organized unadventurous routine existence in the city. One day, his rhythm is disrupted by a series of tiny accidents that bring a peculiar street cat to share his home, for better or for worse.

We also hosted Salma Osseiran, the owner of Chantilly Chocolat and Abdallah Ghorayeb to talk about the chocolate creche they built in Citymall.

Our final guest was  Loryne Atoui from the Christmas Bra-Zaar that will take place the 21 and the 22 of December. Check out these two pictures for info on how to get to the event and what to expect.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode!


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4 Responses to Cinemoz, Walk of Causes, Chantilly chocolate and much more on Helwi Beirut’s episode 78!

  1. Lorena says:

    Thank you so much for having me on today 🙂 Nice blog!

    For anyone who wants to attend the Christmas Bra-zaar on Wednesday and Thursday this week, check out the FB Event:

    Hope to see you there!

  2. 2famous says:

    Thank you guys! It was fun to be on your show!
    Can we come next week too? 😉

    Anyways, if anyone wants to check out the web series Walk of Causes, go to


    Jørgen & Matias

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