Actors workshop, jewelry design and much more on Helwi Beirut’s episode 75!

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Actor, producer and director Jacques Maroun was our main guest. He acted in many movies such as What Just Happened where he took the role of the French taxi driver. He also co-produced a short film named Stranger. He talked about the Actors Workshop and explained that this workshop trains people whether in this field or not for film, television and stage acting. Training sessions are 12 weeks long and conducted by Jacques Maroun himself. Three participants in this workshop from three completely different fields joined the conversation. Hala Keyrouz, Caroline Labaki and Rana Daw explained about their experience throughout this workshop and during their final project.

Assistant local officer at SCORA Hanna Fahed and national officer Fadi Halabi talked about the annual fundraising event organized by SCORA. The Standing Committee on Reproductive Health Including Aids (SCORA) is part of Lebanese Medical Students’ International Committee (LEMSIC). SCORA in collaboration with the office of communications at the American University of Beirut, present the Lebanese Rock Band live in concert on the 19th of December.

Jewelry designer Malikah Najm was a guest on our show today. She was born in Spain, raised in Nigeria and Cotonou, finished her highschool education in the UK, studied jewelry design in Italy and finally moved back to Lebanon. Her first jewelry line accompanied designer Lara Khoury’s clothing line. Her current collection is called “The Adventure Of Change”. It is inspired by the metamorphosis of a material at it beginning stage to reach its last stage.

PR Coordinator at AJEM association, Charbel Zgheib talked about the ceremony for the kids and families of the prisoners on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. The event will be held on the 18th of December at the Cultural Center of Sin el-Fil.

Founder and President of Ayadina Association Maya el-Jorr Najjar was our guest on today’s show. Ayadina association is a Lebanese NGO located in Beirut committed to community development focusing on the underprivileged. In collaboration with the American University of Beirut office of student affairs, Ayadina Association will host its annual Christmas concert on December 4, 5 and 18 at the Assembly Hall of AUB.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode!

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