Image consultancy, coaching, DNA art & much more on Helwi Beirut’s episode 73!

Hi all!

Founder and President of Society of Lebanon the Giver, a non governmental organization established in 1983 Mrs. Hayat Arslan was our main guest on today’s episode. She is also the founder and President of The Woman Task Force in Lebanon. Mrs. Hayat Arslan is also the founder of Women Political Empowerment Committee and established the New Generation School in Hasbaya. She holds a B.S. degree in Political Studies and Public Administration from the American University of Beirut. Mrs. Arslan also wrote a book named “Women Political Empowerment”.

National Alliance Conference with Hayat Arslan

During our coaching segment, coach Samir Zehil conducted a parental coaching and talked about destructive criticism.

During our image consultancy segment, Maya el-tal talked about the top 10 wardrobe essentials for building a solid closet and a list of the must haves for this season. Check out the top 10 essentials below!

  1. Black dress
  2. White shirt
  3. Classical black pants
  4. 5 pockets dark jeans
  5. Black, white and grey cotton tops
  6. Black, beige, leopard print cardigan
  7. Black skirt
  8. Black blazer
  9. Trench coat
  10. Short leather jacket

And below is the list of the must haves for this season Fall/Winter 2011. Check them out!

  1. Sequin top, skirt or pant
  2. Color blocks with a reminder that green and red Do Not go together
  3. Lace
  4. Colored clothing or accessories such as green, blue, red or pink
  5. White suit
  6. The red color

Genetics and DNA art expert Namir Sioufi talked about DNA Art. DNA Art is a blend between science and art. Every person has a unique DNA structure that differentiates him/her from others. Namir Sioufi was the first man who introduced this concept in Lebanon. The process is as follows, first he takes a sample from inside the mouth. Extraction occurs in the laboratory and the DNA is analyzed. The last stage is the invention of an image and the usage of Photoshop to create the final image.

The process of DNA Art execution

Member in the committee that organized Tripoli Car Free Day, Khaled Mereib was a guest on our show today. he talked about The Winter Cultural  Season 2 and Tripoli Car Free Day. “Friends of Nawfal Palace” are organizing Winter Cultural Season 2.

President of Maurice Fadel Prize Mrs. Hala Fadel talked about the important activities that took place during the Tripoli Car Free Day.

Hope you enjoyed today’s show.


Helwi Beirut


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One Response to Image consultancy, coaching, DNA art & much more on Helwi Beirut’s episode 73!

  1. Namir says:

    For more information on DNA Art and Namir Sioufi, visit or visit the Facebook page for “DNA Art by DNAlyse”. The actual name is Namir, spelled correctly the first time; Samir is a common typo, given that Namir is a rather rare name in general…Nabil is sometimes used by mistake as well.

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