Law, fashion and beauty on Helwi Beirut’s episode 72!

Hi all!

Our episode today was full of interesting guests and reports. Our main guest was writer Mrs. Elham Mansour.

During our first segment, the law segment, Lara Dagher talked about the procedure of inheritance in Lebanon.

Illustrator Karim Al-Dahdah talked about his book “You Know You’re Lebanese When …” published by Turning Points Book and illustrated by Karim Al-Dahdah. The book will be released in December 2011. It is a small handy book containing some of the best bi-lingual humorous phrases capturing the characteristics of the Lebanese lifestyle.

During our fashion segmet, fashion designer Karine Tawil talked about Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress. Marilyn Monroe’s ivory “Subway dress” was sold for 4.6 million US Dollars at an auction in Beverly Hills. She wore it on the set of her film “The Seven Year Itch” designed by William Travilla.

Marilyn Monroe's iconic dress

Category Manager at Noni Liban presents for the first time in lebanon “McQueen” car from the famous disney movie Cars 2. The car came directly from Disneyland to Dubai and now is in lebanon. It arrived to ABC Ashrafieh on Decmber 2 till the 8th. The car is now in Joue Club at Beirut Souks till the 18th of December and moves to TSC Jnah from the 19th till the 29th of December. The car’s last stop in Lebanon is at Beirut Duty Free from the 29th of December till the 13th of January.

Fashion and graphic designer Mira Hayek was our guest on today’s episode. Mira Hayek is a Lebanese designer based in Beirut. In 2011, she was selected by STARCH foundation to design her first ready-to-wear collection under her own label.  

Miss Lebanon 2011 Yara Khoury-Mikhael and Head of Centre du Vie Mireille Manna’a discussed the recent activities of Miss Lebanon 2011 with a focus on her collaboration with Centre du Vie.

Miss Lebanon checked the facilities of Centre du Vie, a center for mentally deficient people and autistic people

Miss Lebanon opened an exhibit on Aids awareness at the Beirut Arab University

Miss Lebanon toured Tripoli and was greeted at the Safadi Cultural Center by Ahmad al-Safadi

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode. See you back tomorrow.


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