Art, Education,Docudays and Cirque du Liban on Helwi Beirut’s episode 71!

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Our main guest today was sculptor Raffi Tokatlian, he was raised in a family of artists.  His grandfather was an artist, as was his father, and he recalls that, “Everyday the three of us were painting or drawing, side by side.”Part of Tokatlian’s education as an artist was reading the stories of mythology, which lead him to look at the mural of Pompeii, and to absorb the classical tradition of Greece and Rome. He was attracted to the art of the Italian Renaissance, particularly the sculptures of Donatello, with their sensuous curving forms. Among the artists Tokatlian notes as inspiring him are the 15th century painter of dream-like visions Heironymous Bosch, and a range of Surrealist artists. In Rodin, and Giacometti, Tokatlian found artists who used human form to especially expressive ends. He has described his style as “Surrealmythoclassical”, indicating the personal amalgam formed by all of his influences. Tokatlian found himself especially excited by sculpture, and learned a range of techniques.

Our next guests were Ali Dimachkiyye and Richard Alam from the Teach for Lebanon NGO that aims to assure education to all the children in Lebanon and specially in poor and secluded regions. The Teach for Lebanon foundation is a part of the Teach for all international organisation that works to create equal learning opportunities for all children.

We also met with Abir Hashem the Docudays Executive Director from the Beirut international documentary festival invites filmmakers, producers and distributors from all over the world to submit their latest productions. She introduced us to the new movie Master Class directed by Tania Khalaf that was banned in a large number of countries.Mrs Hachem announced that its 10th edition program line up will take place from the 15th to 20th  December 2011 at Al Madina Theatre, Hamra.This year program includes: 43 documentaries selected from several hundred films the festival received from around the world.

Our next guest was Thierry Antonios, the founder of the Cirque du Liban who told us that during the Christmas season the Cirque du Liban will present special Holiday shows from the 20th of December till the 3oth of december in the La Sagesse theater.

In our book segment we met with Aline Kamakian and anthropologist Barbara Drieskens that talked to us about their new Armenian cook book called Armenian Cuisine.

This book offers a simple and complete introduction into the rich Armenian cuisine, illustrated with inspiring photos of real cooking. It contains 139 delicious recipes, some plain and simple, others elaborate,yet all are complex with aromas that have survived the test of time. Aline Kamakian, a passionate cook and co-owner of Mayrig restaurant, travelled with writer and anthropologist Barbara Drieskens to her homeland, Cilicia, where many of these recipes originated. There they gathered stories, recipes and vibrant images that add to the rich history of passing on from mother to daughter.

Our final guest was Christine Abdel Massih from the Toy Market company revealing a new toy called Chemistry by Clementoni that allows children to mix fluids as if they were in a real laboratory.

Hope you enjoyed the show


Helwi Beirut


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