Healthy snacks, weaning, Earth card and much more on Helwi Beirut’s episode 67!

Hi all!

Our episode today was full of interesting topics and segments. Our main guest was former Finance Minister Raya Haffar el-Hassan. She was the first woman to be appointed to such a senior position in Lebanon. Raya el-Hassan has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from George Washington University, USA.

Project coordinator of “Dareb el-habib … moueib” and manager of Wonderbox Productions Bilal Lezzak and Imtiaz el-Beaity one of the participants in the workshop were our guests. “ABAAD” is a non-political, non-religious, and non-profit association that promotes social and economic development in the MENA region. “ABAAD” also seeks to promote women’s equality and participation in society. The campaign to end all forms of violence against women began on the 25th of November and continues till the 10th of December. “ABAAD” launched a huge advertising campaign under the name “Dareb el-habib … moueib” and in collaboration with Wonderbox Productions, an audio-visual workshop was organized for the youth. At the end of the workshop eight TV spots were implemented. The first day of the workshop revolved around teaching the participants about the idea of ending violence against women.

During our nutrition segment, nutritionist Manal Khoury talked about healthy snacks to eat when you are busy at work. Some unhealthy snacks we eat add up to many calories and yet do not give us the feeling of being satiated. For example, two medium-sized cookies can amount to approximately 280 calories! Imagine!

Pediatrician Dr. Antoine Yazbeck discussed weaning or what is called in French sevrage. Weaning is when a baby makes the transition from breast-feeding to bottle feeding and then to other sources of nourishment. A baby is considered to be fully weaned once he/she no longer receives any breast milk or bottled substitute.

Head of Card Services at Banque Libano-Francais Myrna Wehbe talked about the “Earth Card”. Banque Libano-Francais launches the “Earth Card” with the UNDP at the Beirut Energy Forum. Based on the commitment to promote environmental projects in Lebanon, Banque Libano-Francais in partnership with United Nations Development Program and Master Card launched a card made out of eco-friendly material. Earth card holders contribute to the preservation of the environment. Banque Libano-Francais and UNDP allocate part of the revenue from that card to fun environmental projects.

Earth Card by Banque Libano-Francais

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode.


Helwi Beirut




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