Nahnou sahiroun Association, Bassma Organization & much more on Helwi Beirut’s episode 66!

Hi all!

Our main guest was President of Nahnou Sahiroun Association Corinne Bou Jaoude Saleh who talked to us about the mission and goals of the association.

During our coaching segment, life coach Samir Zehil told us about his trip to Iceland.

Samar Tabet, science teacher for the middle and high school at Sainte Familler Maronite and Jad Haddad, grade 9 student at Sainte Famille Maronite were our guests. At the end of the school year last year, the “Institut Francais du Liban” organized a science competition called “rallyes des sciences” for all student in Lebanon. From the Sainte Famille Maronite school, 50 students participated and they won the first prize. Some of the exercises in the competition included, perfume fabrication, rock artisanat, research on Louis Pasteur and his discoveries and much more!

Writer and philosopher Joseph Jamous talked about his book “Des Jours de la Vie”. The book was released last April and the signing took place at Librarie Antoine. Joseph Jamous is known as the “maitre de philosophie” because of his distinctive way in writing. His writings reflect moments of reflection.

Founder and President of BASSMA Organization Sandra Khlat was our guest. The goal of the organization is to improve the lives of the poor with no political or religious distinction. The main objective is to rehabilitate low-income families through a customized program for a period of about three years. The program aims to lead them to financial independence by focusing on education and searching for jobs. On Sunday December the 4th, BASSMA organized a fundraiser dinner party. 300 person were present and the party included eight live shows and DJ. For the third consecutive year BASSMA is organizing a gift-matching program “Make a Christmas Wish Come True”. This event consists of collecting gifts to the deprived according to their wish lists.

How do I select, purchase and deliver the gifts?
Sign up now and buy a gift for someone in need, so they can feel the Christmas spirit like each one of us! They too have the right to dream!

Choose one lucky person’s Christmas “Wish”! 

Once you have chosen the gift that you would like to donate, please check that the gift is still available by contacting BASSMA. Signing up is simple by phone and email:
– Tel: 01- 38 39 38 (from 9am to 3pm)
– E-Mail:

Please purchase the gift(s) and bring it(them) to BASSMA’s office by maximum Saturday, December 10, 2010.

During our etiquette segment, etiquette expert Nadine Daher showed newly graduated girls how to act during a job interview.

Jahida Wehbe talked about her book “Al Azrak Wal Hudhud” which will be signed on the ninth of December at the Beirut International and Arab Fair.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode!


Helwi Beirut



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