Romanian Cultural Days in Lebanon, and much more on Helwi Beirut’s episode 60!

Hi all!

Romanian Ambassador to Lebanon Daniel Tanase and President of Romania – Levant Association Dr. Melhem Saber were our main guests today. December 1st is the National Day of Romania. There is no cultural center in Lebanon, but the Romanian Embassy takes care of all the cultural activities in Lebanon. Among the activities that are held throughout the year comes “Romanian Cultural Days in Lebanon”. This event opens on the 1st of December and ends on the 10th of December. Dr. Melhem Saber explained to us about the Romania – Levant Association. The Romanian community in Lebanon consists of more than a 1000 person!

President of founder of , Khaled Momtaz talked to us about this website. The site was launched ten days ago. It is a combination of all social network sites. The site is free, a news provider, a marketing tool, let’s you connect with people, let’s you win money and has ad spots.

Lebanese writer and journalist Jad el-Hajj talked about his new book “One Day in April”. The book is about an Armenian photo journalist covering the Lebanese civil war in the 1970’s. The photographer Koko Krikorian is given an unusual assignment to cover a peacemaking wedding aimed at ending the vendetta between two tribes.

Mido Seiffeddine talked about his new book “Wou Inta Shou Rakyak” which will be signed on the 3rd of December at AUB Alumni Book. After the release of his previous book “Al-Skina”, Mido decided to release a new book. The book “Al-Skina” drew attention to the beauty of Lebanon far away from politics. The new book “Wou Inta Shou Rakyak” is a pocket book in black and white consisting of 130 pages. The book deals with sectarianism, poverty, suicide, prostitution, freedom, unemployment, the impact of the Lebanese war, women and their rights and much more.

Storyteller Nayla Ejjeh has been a storyteller for three years. She is a school drama teacher and has the talent of storytelling. She organizes a puppet show and a storytelling segment for children’s birthdays and parties. She has 200 puppets at her house some of which she designed and others she bought. The stories Nayla Ejjeh tells all have a moral behind them. Some of her favorite puppets include “Madame Taabane”, “Baba Yaga” and “Onga Bonga”.

Director Karim Haroun has a BA in Mathematics from AUB, but always had a love for films. In 2008, using his father’s mini dv he shot a film “La Ville, Les Coqs et Les Chiens”. The film is 18 minutes. He then got a BA in Film Studies and Film Production from Concordia University. In 2010, he directed “June” and shot it using a super 16 mm camera. “June” participated in Festival du Nouveau Cinema 2011 and won Mention Special du Jury. The film also participated in Cine Club du World Wide Alumni AUB and Picture This Film 2011. His second professional work is the film “Recits d’Hyperinflation” which he shot using a 35 mm camera. This film participated in Cinemart Winnipeg 2011 and won Epi d’Or du Public. The film also participated in Festival International du Cinema Francophone de L’Acadie and Youngcuts 2011.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode!


Helwi Beirut


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