Adoption laws in Lebanon, a 60 year old student and many more on Helwi Beirut’s episode 58!

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Our main guest today was chef, restaurateur and owner of Ilili restaurant Philippe G. Massoud. Lebanese – American Chef began his career in hospitality in Lebanon at the young age of eight years old. The Lebanese situation in 1985 made him leave to the United States and obtained a degree in Hotel Management. It was not until 2007 that Philippe Massoud opened Ilili Restaurant in New York City. He is personally responsible for the creation and execution of every item on Ilili’s and manages with his brother and co-owner Alexander Massoud. Philippe’s mission is to revive a fine and ancient cuisine by re-inventing and selling it to the public.

During our law segment, lawyer Lara Dagher talked about adoption rights in Lebanon. Adoption is overseen by religious institutions in Lebanon. It is largely forbidden in Islam. Instead Islam suggests “Takkaful” or sponsorship for orphan children. Only Christian institutions recognize adoptions as a legal convention. People who wish to adopt should belong to the same religious community of the child, but not necessarily the same sect.

60-year-old Marwan Kaiss who earned his BA last year from Arab Open University and Dr. Dany Aoun were our guests on today’s show. Marwan Kaiss decided to pursue an education at an older age because he does not believe in being too old to get an education and develop. He explained how he felt when he got his diploma and how he managed to alternate between his job and studies. Marwan Kaiss encourages all those who missed the university education to get back on track. Dr. Dany Aoun, on the other hand, talked about the increasing number of students over the age of 40 who are returning to college. The Arab Open University operates under flexible open learning systems and this allows students to come to class after working hours.

Blogger Nasri Atallah talked about the release of his book “Our Man In Beirut: Collected Rants” on December the fourth from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Secteur 75. The book is a collection of blog posts and photos taken by Nasri Atallah himself. Take a look at Nasri Atallah’s blog which he started after he returned to live in Lebanon in 2009.

During our fashion segment, fashion designer Karine Tawil talked about the iconic clothing that changed fashion in the 20th century & specifically the little black dress or what is known today as the LBD! The  LBD was introduced by Coco Chanel during the year 1926. Chanel published a picture of a simple and short black dress which was straight and calf-length. Vogue called it “Chanel’s Ford”.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode.

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Helwi Beirut


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