Warde, Seeqnce, Marilyn Monroe &much more on Helwi Beirut’s episode 57

Hi all,

Our main guest today is journalist Warde who talked to us about her childhood and how fame didn’t change her personality. She talked about the loss of her brother and her father due to a medical mistake during operations. She revealed to us how she started her career in the radio during the war and how she had her doubts but 30 years later she is still on the radio. She has her own sense of fashion and doesn’t like to follow the latest trends but tries to stay as elegant as possible.

We met with Karim Abou Karim and Mohammad Cheaytini, the winners of My Street competition organized by Beirut Street Photographers. Karim won first place with a picture he took of a Kaak Vendor in Cheka while Mohammad won second place for a picture he took in Gemmayzeh.

Our next guest was Samer Karam, the founder of Seeqnce with members of the Global 5 team, the winners of The Execution project, the first internet start-up competition that took place from the 18th till the 20th of November in Lebanon with the participation of the ministry of Telecommunications Nicolas Sehnaoui. The winners created an application that will simply help you find the place to eat in any location in Beirut, with the budget that you have.

After the application is done you will be able to:

1-Search for ready-made food with the budget that you have.
2-Search for ready-made food with the location you want.
3- Our application will give you a variety of meals according to your time (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and red eye mode “after 12 a.m.”

We also met with Raya Haidar and Marwa Khalil who wrote, produced, directed and act in the new play “Who killed Marilyn” showing from the 7th till the 18th of December at the Monot Theater. They talked to us about the characters they chose to include in the play and the difficulties they had while juggling all those responsibilities. The preparations took them more than one year and they also had to provide the funding of the play.

Our next guest were Chef Clovis Khoury, chef Greg Maalouf and Marcel Hnein representing the AUT university who held on November 28th a tribute to Star Lebanese Chefs under the patronage of the ministry of Tourism.

We also met with Karam Bou Dergham and Racha Abdalla from the Living Aids Project who talked about their upcoming event on December 1st at the Beirut Arab University. This event will raise awareness concerning HIV/AIDS by placing them in the position of an HIV/AIDS patient in attempts to target the mistaken phobia from HIV in our eastern world. They also intend to educate people about modes of transmission, protection, treatment, and statistical data in collaboration with WHO.

Our final guests were Tony Karam, Rana Bassil and Samah Al Hakim who talked about their new book ToomExtra that includes their 30 best blogs with 30 illustrations. The book signing will take place on the 1st of December at Metro City in Hamra.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode and see you back tomorrow.


Helwi Beirut


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Helwi el-Hayet discusses your favorite topics every week day at 4:30 p.m. Beirut time. From fashion to psychology to books to art to nutrition to cooking and coaching (and much, much more), Helwi el-Hayet is here to shed light on the latest trends and to share with you reports, interviews and recipes from Lebanon and the region!
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