Body language, The Women Task Force and much more on Helwi Beirut’s episode 53!

Hi all!

In our show today, we featured interesting guests and informative reports and segments.

Our main guest was writer and university professor Carole Ziade Ajami who was a guest on our show previously when she talked about her book “Beyrouth Ne Pardonne Pas”. Carole is married to dentist Dr. Ajami and has two children’ a boy and a girl. She teaches General Culture in French at the Lebanese University. She talked about the two new editions for her book “Beyrouth Ne Pardonne Pas”and the importance it carries to the young. She also talked about The Women Task Force headed by Princess Hayat Arslan which has been formed for two and a half months. The Women Task Force has been founded in order to follow up any development concerning women and interact with them rapidly to put an end to ignoring women and the emphasis on the need and importance of a woman’s role. Membership in The Women Task Force is open to all those who believe in the cause of women!

During our body language segment, body language expert Habib el-Khoury gave parents guidelines for dealing with their children under the age of one through the usage of signs.

Physical therapist Youssef Koaik explained about the problems of the inner ear and vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VPT). He also mentioned the relation between the inner ear and dizziness. VPT is an effective way to significantly reduce or eliminate remaining dizziness arising from the problems of the inner ear.

President of the Arab Cultural Club Fadi Tammim talked about the 55th Beirut Arab and International Book Fair held at Biel, Beirut on the 2nd of December till the 15th of December. This year there will be an art exhibition within this fair for a number of different artists. Visit their website to know more!

Photographer Gilbert Maalouf was also our guest on today’s show. He talked about the Gilbert Maalouf 2011 Portfolio. He shoots nature, artistic photos, architecture, animals, celebrities, portraits and fashion! He also trains beginners in the world of photography. Visit his website to see his work!

Firas Kanj Secretary General of the First National Municipal Conference was on our show for today.

Iraqi artists Dia’ Al Awwazi and Delair Shaker talked about the art exhibition “Art In Iraq Today”.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode and see you back tomorrow.


Helwi Beirut


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