More fashion faux-pas, The Golden Age and nutrition on Helwi Beirut’s episode 52!

Hi all!

Our episode of Helwi Beirut included interesting guests and featured some informative reports. Sami Clark, Abdo Mounzer and Petit Prince known now as “The Golden Age” were our main guests today! Abdo Mounzer is a Maestro and composer for classical and orchestral music. Petit Prince has many original songs as well as Sami Clark who has original Arabic and Western songs and won International festivals. The threee voices gathered in the new Lebanese phenomenon “The Golden Age” to bring back the memories from the golden age of music. It all started out as Abdo Mounzer’s idea to sustain music respect in Lebanon.

The only polar guide in Lebanon, Marianne Achkar was our second guest on today’s episode. Marianne Achkar has a Master in Touristic Management. She came back to Lebanon 10 years ago and began introducing the Lebanese to polar trips beginning of May 2011. Marianne Achkar explained that the perfect time for a polar trip is between July and September when the temperature is between zero and 20 degrees Celsius. Those trips are very secure and the animals you might encounter during the trip are whales, arctic foxes, morphs, seals and polar birds. People aged between seven and 77 can take part in the polar escapade!

During our weekly image consultancy segment, our own image and fashion consultant Maya el-Tal told us more about fashion faux-pas. Check them out below!

  • An unfitted shoe
  • An evident price tag either on the bottom of a shoe or on the clothes
  • A bag size that is not proportional with your body type
  • A bag that is over stuffed
  • Going out with a wallet in hand instead of a bag
  • Excessive accessories
  • Bright-cartoonish hair colors
  • Peeled varnish
  • Unflattering nails

World TaijiQuan Champion, Avedio Seropian was our guest on today’s episode! He explained more about what TaijiQuan is and about his participation in the World’s Championship. Check out this photo below!


Public Relations Manager at MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab Region, Mira Adra talked about the MITEF Arab Business Plan Competition 2011. The forum was launched in 2006 with the aim to develop entrepreneurship across the Arab Region. The deadline for this year’s competition is the 10th of January 2012. You can visit their website to know more

Expert in environmental affairs, Dr. Fifi Kallab talked about the conference held on November the 24th at 9:30 am discussing “Al Maharek Fi Loubnan: Hal aw Moushkilat”.

Finally, Nutritionist Lucie Kallas talked about the relation between aqua gym and nutrition. Did you know that 60 minutes of aqua gym can help you lose 400 calories?

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode!

See you back tomorrow.


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