Camille Chamoun, history of thights and soprano singer Mayssa Karaa on Helwi Beirut’s episode 51

Hi all,

Our main guest today was Camil Chamoun, the grandson of the former president of Lebanon Camil Chamoun. On this special Independence Day episode, Camil Chamoun talked about his family heritage known for defending Lebanon and fighting for the sovereignty and liberty of our country. M. Chamoun talked about the political heritage of families in Lebanon but believed that some families have politics running in their blood. “It is a good thing when the people are competent and working with ethics”, he assured.

Our next guest was Nadim Laham who talked about his experience working on TROPFEST Arabia film for his movie At First Fright.  ‘I feel privileged to have been selected for such an extraordinary event, especially that the recognition came from directors who have strived in the film industry. I only hope to have made my country proud”. His movie “At First Fright” is about a young man who is lost and is trying to find shelter in an abandoned house. Soon enough he discovers, that in the darkness he is not alone.

Then fashion designer Karine Tawil talked to us about the history of tights and how it was created after the arrival of miniskirts. At first, the tights were made of satin and then became nylon after a few years. She talked about how the creation of tights was a major milestone for the emancipation of women.

Our next guest was photographer Carlos Aoun who holds an art exhibition on Women from the 10th till the 30th of November at the Joanna Seikaly art Gallery. This is the first art exhibition that was featured in fashion magazines in Lebanon and abroad. M. Aoun talked to us about his respect for women that made him want to make this art gallery all about women.

We met with Bouchra Chahine who talked to us about the 18th European film festival that will take place from 24 November to 4 December in the two theaters of Cinema Metropolis Empire Sofil (Ashrafieh). The European Film Festival will open on Thursday 24November with the Polish film The Winner by Wiesław Saniewski. The program is available at the website of the Delegation of the European Union. 

Our final guests were fashion designer Rami al-Kadi who shared with us his new collection for winter that includes clothes, accessories and shoes and soprano singer Mayssa Karaa that will sing on the 22nd and 23rd of November at the Assembly Hall of AUB.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode.

See you back tomorrow.


Helwi Beirut


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