Haifa Haddad, Farida & Meen Aa Rasso Rishe on Helwi Beirut’s episode 50!

Hi all!

Our main guest today was sports expert and trainer Haifa Haddad. Haifa Haddad was born in Lebanon and graduated with a BA in business administration. She received training courses in aerobics from the London Studio Center. She was the first woman in the Arab world to host a sports program which was aired on LBCI. Haifa Haddad was also a member of the jury in the Miss Lebanon 2003 pageant. Recently, she has been chosen by Reebok to be its representative in Lebanon.

During our health segment, yoga instructor Doris el-Hajj talked about the importance of yoga in our daily lives. Doris explained that yoga is a lifestyle and a stress reliever.

Professor at Lebanese University, Khouloud Nassar talked about the musical for children “Meen Aa Rasso Rishe”. The musical is sponsored and held at the City Theater (Beirut) every Saturday at 4:00 pm starting as of December the 3rd.

Nadine Touma talked about the launch of Dar Onboz’s new character “Farida” which was released on the 19th of November. “Farida” likes stories, trees, dinosaurs and dictionaries. Nadine Touma believes that “Farida” will be the next Sindibad!

Radio/TV student at IESAV, Nidal Bkassini talked about his documentary “Bayn al-Soutour” which won Best Documentary at NDU 5th Film Festival. Nidal Bkassini is the son of journalist George Bkassini. His documentary talks about the suffering and the case of a boy growing to be a man while his father was away for “national” reasons.

Photographer Bassam Lahoud talks about his exhibition “Indonesia through the eyes of Bassam Lahoud” which opens on Thursday the 24th of November up until the 30th in the LAU Beirut campus. Bassam Lahoud received an invitation last August from the Indonesian Embassy in Lebanon and the Indonesian Foreign Ministry to visit Indonesia. His visit lasted up to 17 days in which he describes to be a nice experience and he found lots of common grounds between Indonesia and Lebanon. His exhibition on the other hand features 50 photographs from the 15,000 photos he took during his visit.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode.

See you back tomorrow.


Helwi Beirut


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