Oprah Winfrey, Pamela El Kik and Food safety rules on Helwi Beirut’s episode 43

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Our main guest today was actress and singer Pamela El Kik who talked to us about her experience in Celebrity duets and her childhood. She is preparing now for a new single that will be released soon. She was a tomboy at school but her good grades saved her from many problems. They talked about the tension between her and Oussama el-Rahbany but she revealed that she never got angry and took his observations and comments into consideration. During her interview, she shared her feelings about her personality and her personal disappointments.

We also met with illustrator Daniel Kattar who talked about her new book “Kitab ma3 el hamza” with writer Racha Al-Amir. This grammar book was made to explain Arabic grammar in an easier manner for kids via illustrations and drawings to make it easier on kids to study.

We were introduced to the association “Al-Toufoula” by Grace Jebbara that held a fashion show at UNESCO with the help of a lot of Lebanese designers. These funds went to the foundation that designs special dream rooms to all kids suffering from cancer that are staying at hospitals.

“During this year there was 1100 food poisoning cases”, revealed Hala Makhoul from the Food safety system.  Ms. Makhoul talked about the importance of Food Safety in general and about the Q-Platinum Award. This award has been specifically designed for restaurant and food establishments’ owners, providing them with a simple yet highly effective Food Safety System. The QPA labels and certificates guarantee food safety for the concerned customers and consumers. It is also an International Certificate that protects the reputation of the establishment.

Our next guest was photographer Eddie Choueiry who took photographs of the reserve of Chouf during all the seasons in his book that is available in English, Arabic and French to make this book available for all people. We also met with Dr. Saad Al Outaibi and Dr. Ali Mou2men from the FAO who talked about the regional forum of the nutritional productions of the Middle-East and North Africa that will take place in Beirut from the 15th till the 18ththat will promote regional agricultural products and reduce the cost of all nutritional aliments. Our final guests were  Michelle Karam and Dr. Emile Al Andari that taught us how to use LifeScan’s One Touch Select Meter specialized for people who suffer from diabetes.

This is a report about Oprah Winfrey receiving an award for her exceptional charity work


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