Who wore it better, My Street contest and General de Gaulle on Helwi Beirut’s episode 38!

Hi all!

Our 38th episode of Helwi Beirut included interesting guests and featured some informative reports. Our main guest was Mrs. Jinan al-Khatib Matraji wife of lawyer Saeb Matraji and daughter of Major General and former interior minister Sami Khatib. She talked about her life as a mother to four and a grandmother to 12 children. Jinane Matraji did not complete her studies because she got married at the very young age of 18 years old.

Two stars, one look that is what we talked about during our image consultancy segment with our own fashion and image consultant Maya el-Tal. Who wore it best Jordin Sparks or Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland or Lake Bell, Kate Deluna or Kym Johnson, Kate Winselet or Kris Jenner, Selita Ebanks or Giada De Laureautis, Leighton Meester or Princess Beatrice, Kourtney Kardashian or Amner Lancaster?

Check out some pictures! What do you think, who wore it better?

Kate Winslet and Kris Jenner in Stella McCartney

Illustrator and graphic designer Nadine Feghaly talked to us about the character “Viola”. “Viola” can be found in the form of computer wall papers, stickers, hand-painted wooden mirrors, t-shirts and postcards. Not to forget, in collaboration with “Sarah’s Bags”, Viola can now be found on handbags.

Check out Nadine Feghaly’s website to know more about the character.

313 letters written by General Charles de Gaulle during the first years of the Second World War have been released to the public for the first time ever!

Check out our report below.

Syrian artist Mouteea Mourad talked to us about his new solo exhibition at Ayyam Gallery entitled “Through the Looking Glass” starting on the 10th of November.

During our psychology segment, Joanna Imad explained more about emotional eating. We usually quench our feelings, whether happy or sad, with comfort food even though our stomachs are not growling. Jonna Imad described emotional eating as eating for reasons other than hunger. Instead of hunger intiating the eating, an emotion triggers the eating.

Beirut Street Photographers Imad Haddad and Nareg Boghossian talked about “My Street” contest organized by Beirut Street Photographers running until the 13th of November. Each participant can submit up to three entries and the top wimming photographs will be exhibited at Beirut Street Photographer’s one year anniversary. The “My Street” theme applies for streets participants pass through daily.

Assistant Professor of Political Science and Internation Affairs and Chair of the Department of Social Sciences at LAU Dr. Makram Ouaiss taled about the conference “Healing the Wounds of History” being held on the 11th of November up till the 13th of November at LAU’s Byblos campus.

Hope you all enjoyed our episode for today!

Have a nice night and see you back tomorrow.


Helwi Beirut


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