Mini-skirt, greetings etiquette and healthy snacks on Helwi Beirut’s episode 37!

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Our main guest today is Tunisian artist Ghalia Ben Ali who told us that it was a dream for her to perform in Lebanon. She was happy to realize that Beirut was as beautiful as she saw it in movies and videos. She was inspired by singers Wadih el Safi, Fayrouz and Sabah. She studied Graphic designs but was always drawn to other cultures via their music. They talked about her fashion sense of style; she told us that she likes to stay in jeans and casual wear. The Lebanese diaspora was the number one fan of Ghalia Ben Ali who held concerts in Belgium. Her new CD is called “Ghalia Ben Ali toughani Oum Koulthoum” and revealed her passion about what she considers the singing school of Oum Koulthoum.

In our fashion segment, Karine Tawil talked to us about the history of the “mini-skirt” that started with Mary Kent. This way of dressing was supported by Coco Chanel and Christian Dior who wanted to evolve fashion and break tradition. The mini-skirt was at first designed in a “trapeze” manner and more geometrical forms. The mini-skirt that was created in the sixties represents the emancipation of women and the freedom of youth.

In our etiquette segment, Nadine Daher told us about the four ways of greeting friends, families or colleagues during holidays. She told us that we can use cards, telephone, emails and sms. The first people to greet should be the close family on the first day of the holiday then you move on to friends and colleagues. To note that presenting gifts is not an obligation during these holidays.

In our nutrition segment, we talked about what kind of nutritional appetizers to serve during your dinner parties as edamame, carrots, oil-free popcorn, nuts. So now you can enjoy dinner parties with guilt-free appetizers.

We met with writer Natasha Metni who talked about her narrative skills that were discovered while she was still in school. Her first book was Poison Azure and she was influenced by the poems of Baudelaire. In her book, she sheds the lights on two subjects, the instinct of life and the instinct of death.

Our next guest was painter Najwa Harb that has been drawing for more than 25 years and uses aquarelle, acrylique as well as oil paint techniques for all her paintings. We met with Gebran Farah that is the president of the association “Abnaa el Nour” that specializes in taking care of blind people. He asked for the government and all the Lebanese to reach out for these people and help them find a job.

Our last guest was Catherine Miller-Little, the information Officer in US Embassy in Beirut and Ali Zeidan who experienced this exchange program. They talked about the YES program that is an exchange program that gives the ability to a Lebanese student to go to live and study in the United States for six months.

This is a report concerning the trial of Doctor Conrad Murray regarding the death of the Kinf of pop Michael Jackson

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Helwi Beirut


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