Ghassan Yammine, Gilbert Simon and le Salon du Livre on Helwi Beirut’s episode 29

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Our main guest today is Ghassan Yammine, the president of the Ecole de Musique Ghassan Yammine. He talked to us about his love for playing the piano and composing music while he was still studying theater at the Lebanese University. M. Yammine was honored by President Emile Emile Lahoud and Michel Suleimane for his extraordinary talents and work in the music industry. M. Yammine traveled all over the world to France, Italie, Australia and the United states and held concerts that enchanted the audience.

In our book segment, we met with Tania Hadjithomas Mehanna and life coach Samir Zehil that introduced us to the book Agenda: 366 jours pour changer sa vie… en mieux. The objective of this agenda is to enhance the life of every person via quotes that will affect their life in a positive way and live a healthier life.

We also met with director Pierre Dawalibi who talked to us about his new movie Him and Himself which tackles a man’s struggle with his inner self. As Pierre describes it it’s “a conflict as old as Adam; it is the cause of every war, every greed and every agony; it is the dualism between you and your own self, between your desires and your fears, what you want and what you must. This movie is a reflection for every spectator … to identify with, to observe what he/she is really doing to him/herself.” His movie participated in many festivals in Spain, Argentina, France and was showed  in many universities.

Our next guest was Gilbert Simon from the 8th season of Star Academy who launched his new single entitled “DO YOU LOVE ME?”, a song originally written and released in 1963 by the Lebanese musician, René Bendali. He thanked Michel Fadel for his work on the song that mixes oriental and eastern tunes and revealed that he is starting a hat collection.

We met with four artists Simon Hallak who is an illustrator of the book Super-maman and Antony Ghanem who is a standup comedian, Mario Rahi a violinist and Fabio Centanni a pianist. Our final guest was Sam Lahoud Head of Audio Visual Facilities at Notre Dame University – Louaize that talked about 5th NDU Student Film Festival that will take place from the 6th till the 13th of November.

Our reports today are about the Beiruthopia art exhibition of artist Randa Mirza as well as an exclusive interview with Aurelien Le Chevalier concerning le Salon du Livre.


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