Mayssam Nahas, National Museam of Libya and Human rights masters on Helwi Beirut’s episode 22

Hi all,

Our main guest today is actor and singer Mayssam Nahas starring in the new LBCI series “Taariban Osit Hob”. She’s been wanting to be a actor for a year and she met the producer Marwan Najjar through friends and after a while and a casting she landed the lead role in this series. She had difficulties at the beginning of the shooting but she learned fast and everyone helped her on set. She talked about her experience with the star Antoine Kerbage and she was happy to see that he had a positive feedback to give her. She revealed that acting is harder than singing because of the grueling schedule.

Our next guest was Sarhan Haydar, a member of the Tajammou3 Al Choueifat club that takes a vivid interest in sports. He was accompanied with a member of the Lebanese Kickboxing championship Reem Khawad that regrouped 800 people between the age of 8 till 24 and who told us that the Choueifat group won the first place.

Are you interested in a Masters in Human rights? Our guest was Dr Elie Hindi who talked about the Masters program that NDU launched and the courses that students will have to take for example international law, political economy, human rights organisations etc. This student will be able to work in NGOs, Human Resources departments, Governmental associations, United nations…

In our physchology segment, Joana Imad gave pregnant women five tips:

1- Talk about your feelings and share them with people around you

2- Have more confidence in your motherly personality

3- Her social status will change and she will become a mother so she needs to adapt to this change.

4- The mother usually dreams about the qualities of her futur child but she need to stay on the ground and not expect the impossible.

5- The father needs to be included in the birth and education of the child.

In our book segment, we met with author Tania Hadjithomas Mehanna  that talked about her book Lebanon&on that tackles the habits and traditions of Lebanon from the publishing house Tamyras. She praised the work of her photographer Houda Kassatly that toured all of Lebanon to capture the real Lebanese essence.

Our next guest is Nadine Khalil one of the founders of the anti-harassment campaign launched by a group of feminists called The Adventures of Salwa to fight sexual harassment.Their work to stop sexual harassment against women on the streets, in work places. They also aim to women’s rights concerning her nationality and work on rising the age limit for a women to keep her children.

We met with Karim Safieddine the founder of Cinemoz, it is a website for viewing documentaries and short films in a legal and free way. Our final guest was Roula Gharios Zahar about the conference concerning the post-war social studies in a psychological aspect that will take place in Mount Lebanon Hospital on the 28-29 and 30th of October.

Check out our report about the Libyan national museum in Tripoli and about the flying show that took place in Beirut with swiss pilots.

Love all,

Helwi Beirut


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One Response to Mayssam Nahas, National Museam of Libya and Human rights masters on Helwi Beirut’s episode 22

  1. How can Mureille say yesterday in Helwi we all SAY NO FOR ARAB REVOLUTIONS who gave her the right to speak about the others? We want a clarification.

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