Back to school fashion, cat show and Angel’s Ball on Helwi Beirut’s episode 17!!

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Today we hosted interesting guests and featured fun reports. Our main guest was MP Simon Abi Ramia. Our fashion consultant Maya el-Tal talked about back to school fashion for teenagers during our image consultancy segment, featured a report about the cat show held in China, another report taking us to New York to attend the Angel’s Ball and much more!

During our image consultancy segment, Maya el-Tal gave teenagers guidelines for back to school fashion. Teenagers are usually up-to-date with trends, but the only problem is knowing how to choose the right outfit for an occasion. Maya el-Tal explained that teenagers should wear fashionable yet comfy clothes to school.

Must-haves back to school fashion:

  • Tops – The more the merrier 
                  Wear different colors, designs and patterns
                  Should be comfy and decent for school
  • Jeans – Navy jeans are a must-have
                   Black jeans for nights, parties or gatherings
                   Experiment with colored jeans such as yellow, orange, green …
                   Not very tight or low waist to be able to move comfortably
  • Shoes – Comfy and of good quality
                    Ballerinas, converse and the must-have for this season rain boots
                    Go for mid-heels
                    Wear your shoes as the same color of your top or scarf or earrings
  • Accessories – Age to experiment with accessories
                               Wear a watch
  • Hair – Have clean and healthy hair
                Free to experiment with any appropriate hairstyle or cut
                Do not change your hair color, could go for some low-lights
  • Make-up – A cosmetic case is a must-have 
                         Simple make-up (mascara, lip gloss, concealer & blush)
                         Do not use foundation because it clogs face pores 

The China Cat Fanciers brought cats from all over Asia to China for the 13th cat show! The two day event featured more than 160 purebred cats. The event’s judges consisted of a panel of cat experts and thus rated the cats by category.

Check out our special report here!

During the episode, we took a short trip to New York City and attended the Angel’s Ball benefitting cancer research. Many known faces attended the event such as fashionista Kim Kardashian.

Take a look at our report below!


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