China, I run Beirut and Hrair on Helwi Beirut’s episode 15

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Our main guest today is Nada Salemeh, the wife of the Central Bank Governor Riyad Salemeh. She wrote a book about cooking called Once upon a time a cooking and is in charge of her publishing company that deals mostly with books related to tourism . Her idol is Martha Stewart which she met while staying in Los Angeles. She talked about her husband’s career and hoped that his reign will be peaceful and positive for the banking sector. The presenters asked her about her cedar shaped necklace that she loves to wear because it represents her love to Lebanon and to nature. She told us that she just came back from the United States with her husband attending meetings in the IMF headquarters. Mme Salemeh revealed that she hates working out and enjoys chocolate and greasy food.

Our nutrition expert Mireille gave us a few tips to cure indigestion. We should drink 8 glasses of water, a good number of fibers in fruits and vegetables as well as grains, nuts and dried fruits, cornflakes and at least have one spoon of oil in our salad.

Michelle Abi Saad, the director of the chronic care center takes interest in people with chronic diseases and mostly diabetes. We follow them during their treatments with doctors, nurses and nutritionist that attend and supervise them so they could lead a normal life. This association will take part in the Beirut Marathon on the 27th of November to improve their commitment in a good healthy life and show that people with diabetes are capable to run. Doctor Rita Medlij talked about the back to school program that helps spread awareness in schools about healthy food and to follow the kids that have diabetes to lead a normal life in schools.

In our psychology segment, Joana Imad talked about the difference about the psychiatrist, psychologist and psychotherapeutic, psychoanalyst and the psychometric therapist. The psychiatrist can identify the problem of his patient and administrate medicine then the psychologist orients and follows up on the evaluation of the person who suffers from a mental disease. The psycho therapeutic follows certain theories, exercises and strategies to help his patients. While the psychoanalyst, doesn’t need to have done studies in medicine but helps patients with his own analysis and experience. Finally the  psychometric therapist helps patients who suffer from problems with orientation and are lost.

Our next guest, Bassem Baaklini talked about the launching of the zero waste act that works with more than 40.000 student. This project aims to recycle all of our garbage and spread awareness campaigns in schools and universities to use the garbage and recycle it.

Then Carine Azar talked about the I run Beirut, an event produced by Nike all over the world. The aim of this program is to motivate the young population to run in a fun event with DJ and dancers. It will take place on Sunday 13th of November at 7 am in Beirut. All the people have to be in a running gear and be prepared to have a great time while running.

Our final guest is Hrair, an artist who is publishing a book under the name of Nostalgia that represents his feeling regarding the best days of his life like his studies and the way Beirut was in the early 70’s. His favorite award is the Musee Sursock award because it’s close to his roots. He is very influenced by the byzantine time and orthodox icons. His most interesting drawings represent women and horses in gold and red colors to represent strength, love, life and death. His paintings are decorating of museums and palaces all around the world.

Our reports include a segment about a circus in China as well as the tips of our nutrition expert Mireille.


Helwi Beirut


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