Schwarzenegger museum, Aishti Fashion Show and tips for choosing the right school on Helwi Beirut’s Episode 8!

Hi all,
Our special guest today was Amal el-Khatib, the mother of Lebanese basketball player Fadi el-Khatib. She talked about the passion of her son for basketball and her continuous efforts to support him. She said that sport is very important in their family and all practice sports as volleyball and basketball. She told us that she never interferes in the personal decisions of her son but is always here to guide him.

In our book segment, architect and writer Georges Matar talks about his new book “A wood work journey”. M. Matar said that he enjoys writing books so that he could have a retrospective look about his works. The book includes 246 pages of his favorite wooden art pieces. He said that he discovers himself through his art that reflects his mood and aspirations.

Kamal Akiki director of the environmental department of the civil organization Likaa al Ethnayn that was founded ten years ago talked about the activities that took place in Mayrouba during “Apple Day”. This organization regroups college students that go cultivate apples in Mayrouba because it is the town that introduces the apples in Lebanon. The goal of these activities is to spread awareness about nature and agriculture.

We also met with Zeina Bassil an illustrator and creator of the fanzine La Furie des Glandeurs who uses her skills to criticize society in an artistic way. She talked about the reactions of people towards her sketches; most of them took the criticism in a positive way and laughed it off.

Guest Fadia Abbouche gave the parents tips to choose the right school for their children. She asked the parents to choose a school close to home as well as an establishment that is cooperative with the parents and provides after school activities. She told us that parents needs to follow the three R rule: respect, responsibility and relationship.

Our next guest is director Alain Sauma who directed a short movie of 20 minutes called Blue line in France. This movie relates the story of a cow that crossed the frontier line between Lebanese and Israel in the south of the country and causes a military intervention from both sides. The actors of his movie were French and Indian. This movie was projected during the Beirut Film Festival.

We met with Dany Khoury and Dalia Baasiri, two graphic designers from LAU are known for writing and drawing on benches mostly in Hamra. They used spray and paint on the benches. Every drawing took them over two weeks and their inspiration was taken from the everyday experiences in the Hamra region.

Our final guest was Reema Barakat from the BETA organization who talked about their activity called La marche des chiens on the 8th of October to celebrate Animal World day. The organization invited all dog owners to join them in Martyr’s square to walk with their dogs till the Manara to condemn animal violence.

You can find a report about the special Arnold Schwarzenegger in Austria as well as the fall/ winter 2011-2012 fashion show in Aishti Beirut.

Tune in tomorrow for another interesting episode of Helwi Beirut.


Helwi Beirut


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