History of corsets, Dries Van Noten spring/summer 2012 collection & “Autolib” concept on Helwi Beirut’s episode 2!!

Hi all!

Our second episode of Helwi Beirut ended and we’re going to share with you some interesting facts. The main guest was Mrs. Khouloud Kassem and the highlights of this episode include history of corsets with our fashion consultant and fashion designer Carine Tawil, a report about Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2012 collection during Paris fashion week, another report on the “Autolib” concept and much more!

 During the fashion segment, our fashion Consultant Carine Tawil talked to us about the history of corsets. The corset was worn during the 16th century till the 20th in order to shape a woman’s torso to conform to the fashionable silhouette of the time. Corsets were constructed of five layers of cotton and stiffened with whale bone inserted into the cloth. The corset has undergone many changes from the 16th century till our days now. Cathie Jung took the title of “the smallest waist on a living person” with a 15 inch waist. Cathie’s astonishing figure is the result of spending the last 25 years laced into tight corsets for 23 hours a day.

 Our first report on the show featured Dries Van Noten’s spring/summer 2012 collection during Paris fashion week. His collection was built around peaceful landscape photo prints. The white, black and green colors ruled the runway with simple cuts inspired by the amazon and the French country.

Check out our special report here.

 Paris is heading for a quiet revolution. Parisians will soon be able to rent electric cars for a small charge starting from 10 Euros to 140 Euros maximum hopefully to hold a new eco-friendly era in transportation. The “Autolib” aims at discouraging private car ownerships, reducing noise and air pollution.

Take a look at our special report here regarding this subject.

Hope you enjoyed our second episode of Helwi Beirut. Tune in tomorrow for another interesting episode.


Helwi Beirut.


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