Peter Semaan, Beirut Marathon and new Vichy products on HB episode 1

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Our special guest today was actor Peter Semaan. He talked about his lead role in the drama serie Zikra. He also shared his vision about life, children and the emotional and physical preparation for his part in Zikra. Peter said that he is a very calm and reasonable person who rarely gets mad and yells. Then Nadim Boutros Said, who plays Peter Semaan’s brother on Zikra, joined us on the show. Nadim is basketball player who trains more than 5 hours a day to stay in shape. He started playing with the Antranik team then moved to Sagesse. Both men talked about their work relationship during the filming.

Also, our guests were Mona el-Khoury and Bechara Hetti from the BETA organization who talked about the needs and challenges of their organization that faces many challenges with the beginning of the back to school season. They hoped to see a more human approach of animal owners during the winter. Did you know that there are more than 40.000 homeless dogs in Lebanon?

In our cinema segment, Rabih Ibrahim talked about the movie he directed called Love and Moustaches, a tale about hope and doubt. M. Ibrahim explained that his main focus was to create a connection between the viewer and the characters in his movie. He chose to shoot the movie in Stiges a town next to Barcelona north east of Spain because it has a very similar terrain to the Lebanese. M. Ibrahim filmed his movie in one day with a crew of two professional Spanish actors while the rest of the team was fellow students.

Mirna Hayek talked about stress and its effect on work. She shed the light on the importance of a balanced diet and good hydration and the bad effects of caffeine and cigarettes that play a major role in balancing stress.

We welcomed Rami Mahmoud from the civil organization Delta specialized in drug prevention who talked about the awareness campaigns they did in schools and universities. He also shed the light on the conference they did in association with the ministry of social affairs on the September 13th.

We also met with Safa Salem the marketing director of the Beirut marathon association who talked about the many activities preceding the marathon on the 27th of November. The Beirut Marathon organization provides trainers for all the people interested in participating in the run. A museum marathon will be held from the 23rd till the 26th of November, a Rock and Run party on the 25th and a Pasta party on the 26th.

Nada Farah, the manager of the company Evention talked about the vinifest that is taking place from the 5th till the 8th of October at the Hippodrome of Beirut. More than 24 labels of wine will be shown during this event that includes wine tasting and musical spectacles.

Our reports cover a segment the new Vichy products and the report on the new Las Vegas concerts of singer Elton John.

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Helwi Beirut


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