Fashion tips for preganant women & Top 5 movies in Lebanese Box Offices on HWM’s episode 18!

Hi all!

Today’s episode was filled with interesting guests and reports. Our main guest was former General at General Security Binan Wahab and we talked about fashion for pregnant women with our own image and fashion specialist Maya el-Tal, featured a report about the top five movies in Lebanese Box Offices this week and much more!

During the image consultancy segment, Maya el-Tal gave us fashion tips for pregnant women like what to wear, how to be fashionable, what’s comfortable and much more.

Maya el-Tal explained that pregnant women should not change their own personal style. If a woman was used to wear mini-skirts before pregnancy, then she should continue to do so during her pregnancy. The most appropriate dress for a pregnant woman is the empire waist dress. It could be cotton or dressy and it could be short or maxi. Don’t be afraid to invest in maxi dresses or skirts it’s the latest trend!! After the second or third month of pregnancy, a woman should invest in an elastic waist pant not necessarily buy one, but she can go to a tailor to format her own pre-pregnancy pair of jeans. Finally and not to forget accessories such as necklaces should be minimized and focus on wearing a belt to emphasize the waist.

You can check Maya el-Tal’s own special article concerning the subject here.

For movie lovers, we featured a report on our show about the top 5 movies in Lebanese Box Offices for this week.

  • 5. Drive – 4000 views this week
  • 4. Rise of the Planet of the Apes – 4500 views this week
  • 3. Friends with Benefits – 6500 views this week
  •  2. The Smurfs – 10,300 views this week.
  • 1. W Halaa La Weyn? – 31,500 views this week

Check out the report here. Hope you enjoyed the show today.

Tune in tomorrow for another interesting episode of Helwi w Murra.


 Helwi w Murra


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3 Responses to Fashion tips for preganant women & Top 5 movies in Lebanese Box Offices on HWM’s episode 18!

  1. Nisrine Boustany says:

    Good Morning,

    Sorry to disturb you,
    Kindly, if it’s possible to give some details about “Mother & Daughter fashion”
    I heard something about this subject in one of your episodes, but I couldn’t have the details.
    Kindly, where can I find this kind of fashion ??

    Thank you so much and sorry again to disturb you

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